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  1. Do yo make a 4 hole mount for the C-more rail? My mount looks virtually identical to the OP's but with 4 holes and I'd like to replace the aimpoint.
  2. This made me laugh. It's true tho. My son is doing this same thing and he shoots it quite well but whenever he shoots my 2011 he hates his Glock for a while. Limited funds prevent him from stepping up but I'm certain when the boss allows it he's going 2011/CZ no doubt. On the plus side he polished things up and put a flat style trigger in it and the action is smoother but still Glock like. What ever keeps him competing I'm all for.
  3. Been using Mag primers off and on depending on supply for quite sometime. 9mm Major. The chrono doesn't show an appreciable increase in speed if any, WS-6. I don't pay attention any longer I just load what I can find primer wise. Long as they hit the PF I'm satisfied.
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