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  1. I have a vr80 and as long as I do my part ( keep it clean and oiled) use ammo it likes then I expect it to function as reliably as my pistols and rifles. But it does need to be cleaned more often, in a nutshell I expect it to fire everytime I pull the trigger and do it reliably. It's does as long as my part. I don't think I would go much past 100 - 150 rounds without cleaning the gas system, I have shot 500 rounds of 00buck with only 3 failures, gun was dirty. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  2. I drilled and tapped mine to add a rail to the bottom then added a grip to the rail. I have no idea why the bottom rail was removed from this shotgun.
  3. Great glad to hear it and I will keep you in our prayers for a speedy recovery. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  4. It took a few months before my local gun shop could find one. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  5. Your going to scuff it a little taking the forearm off anyway do I wouldn't worrie about it. I've already refinished mine in gun-kote Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  6. Yes wish the Turks would have made it more ar compatable. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  7. Me too Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  8. I wish, I got my hands full with leather work most of the time. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  9. Another mod I did was cut the tail off the disconnector as it was setup just like a m16 disconnector and I just wasn't comfortable with this in my gun, there is no need for the tail on a semi auto ar style gun. May just be me being overly cautious but I in no way want to run afoul of the laws do the tail is chopped. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  10. If I can find it I used to have one of the at bianary triggers, may more the hammer and disconnector to work in the VR and see what that's like with this light recoil lol. Oh the at hammer is to short and not wife enough to teach the firing pin and the disconnector will hit the hammer before cocking. Can probably just modify the hammer just above the disconnector hook and it should work just fine in the vr80 Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  11. Ok took just a little over 3 1/2 oz off the weight and now cycled supremo 00 buck 9 pellet 3010 fps smooth as butter. Just fired 30 rounds from the drum and all perfect, even locked the bolt on empty mag. Think I'll stop right there. Boy this gun is fun, now to find some anti walk pins to replace that stupid splined hammer pin. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  12. If I had a lathe I would. I don't do I went the route I did and will test and remove till I get we're I like. It was softer than a 556 with 00 buck at 1345 fps but a little touch weight to fully eject and pickup another shell. Shouldn't be to hard to hit the target, going to get at least 1300 fps for sure and may possibly go down to 1200 but no lower for what I want. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  13. Ok it seems that adding weight to the buffer does decrease felt recoil a lot but can make the gun finicky. What I did was weld a 8 ox pice of metal to the carrier (forgot to account for the weld) so now my gun won't cycle 00buckdhot at 1345 fps. I'll start trimming and weighing till I get to what I want to shoot Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  14. You may want to clean and lube first before filing anything, if there is scrape marks already then it may need fitting but if no finish is messed up try the clean and lube first. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
  15. Mine was a very tight fit. I like has been mentioned I think you may just have a bit holding. I would bring out a soft hammer and give it a little nuge. Sent from my Moto E (4) using Tapatalk
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