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  1. So in talking with a sponsored precision rifle shooter, he mentioned that he anneals his lapua brass and in doing so he no longer has a need to trim to length, and therefore loads ALL of his precision rifle ammo on his Dillon Progressive. Is anyone else doing this? Can someone explain the part of the annealing process that causes trimming not be needed anymore. i have decent understanding of annealing- having not done it but read many forums on it. But none mention it removing or reducing the frequency of trimming. I would love to not have to trim my rifle brass. It Would make my Dillon much more useful for precision rifle brass.
  2. Thanks for the help. Like the rest,and the mag release , how did u set up the mag release on that side? I am using the right hand one mag release as stock from STI, and hitting it with my firing hand, very not fun, I did not know there was second option on these platforms. Also secondly, who did you have do the work and mount the thumb rest? Did u drill n screw that in yourself?
  3. Been shooting USPSA for a while now, and I have had my open gun for a year or so and am beginning to look into modifications now that I am more confident with the gun. TO the topic, short and precise, I am running a stock STI DVC Open with the C-more sight, I am a left handed shooter. What options are there for left handled thumb paddles? I would rather not drill into the frame. If it is necessary, I would like to send it off to someone. Ive heard rumblings of some gluing some on, just looking for info, and perhaps who to send it to if i HAVE to drill the frame, expected costs, links maybe, videos etc. Thanks in advance for the help.
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