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  1. Thanks for the help. Like the rest,and the mag release , how did u set up the mag release on that side? I am using the right hand one mag release as stock from STI, and hitting it with my firing hand, very not fun, I did not know there was second option on these platforms. Also secondly, who did you have do the work and mount the thumb rest? Did u drill n screw that in yourself?
  2. Been shooting USPSA for a while now, and I have had my open gun for a year or so and am beginning to look into modifications now that I am more confident with the gun. TO the topic, short and precise, I am running a stock STI DVC Open with the C-more sight, I am a left handed shooter. What options are there for left handled thumb paddles? I would rather not drill into the frame. If it is necessary, I would like to send it off to someone. Ive heard rumblings of some gluing some on, just looking for info, and perhaps who to send it to if i HAVE to drill the frame, expected costs, links maybe, videos etc. Thanks in advance for the help.
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