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  1. I was just thinking. I often jump the timer and everytime the RO has stopped me right away. I was just thinking if I would have any grounds to win the argument if I finish the stage without a stop
  2. First and foremost please read and understand the rule that DEFINES CREEPING! Hate it when people don’t know the difference between creeping and jumping the timer. Anyway, does the RO have to stop you right away in order for the restart to count? If the shooter jumped the timer, the RO can’t tell you to restart the stage AFTER it’s completed right?
  3. Fixed the issue. I had LEE dies and swapped them out for RCBS small base dies and fixed the issue.
  4. It’s odd cause the ones that didn’t fit, I beat it into my gauge and it still didn’t fit.
  5. Haven’t put a bullet in cause the brass isn’t sized right. It’s a mixture head stamp
  6. I just ordered a SB sizing die. Hopefully this will solve the issue cause I’m gonna be pretty disappointed if it doesn’t lol
  7. I finally got my cases today and they are already formed/processed. I went through to use my gauge to see if I need to resize any brass and 3 out of 10 need to be resized, not that big of a deal. I set my dies up and some cases are sized and fit great in my gauge AND barrel. Then there’s some cases that I sized but still don’t fit in my gauge AND barrel! I properly set my dies in my press but still don’t know what the deal is. I’m using a hornady gauge and Lee dies. I’m also using imperial die wax for lube. All the brass is already sized and processed 300BLK brass.
  8. Try to see if the feed mips are correct. The only other ones I’ve had experience with are MBX. It was many years ago but they were garbage. The springs lasted maybe 3-4 months and shrunk 4 coils. that was a couple years ago and maybe they have improved on it.
  9. I can’t find this online ANYWHERE and have been looking for months. Does anyone know of any local shops by them that might have this on their shelf? I want a gold colored one only.
  10. I have a CR speed WSM2 holster and it’s a green body. I want a black body but don’t want to buy one so I was thinking about just getting some spray paint or other kind of paint. What do you guys suggest?
  11. I started out shooting single stack and gave a few thousand rounds on my aluminum mag well. It’s held up great over the years. It shows that it’s been in battle but it stil is great. matbe 2 years of USPSA and 3 years of steel challenge
  12. I’m wanting to be on the upper scale of speed while still remaining sub sonic with this powder/bullet combo. A local shop makes these bullets in house for the 330blk so I’m not ordering any bullets offline to load from. I have a suppressed 8” barreled 300BLK AND WANTED a good starting point.
  13. Has anyone taken or subbed to these? I’m interested in them but wanted some reviews first. I’m skeptical from how much you can learn from a paid online class where you can’t get feedback/ ask questions.
  14. Yes! Thank you so much for sharing! I need this! look out sailor.. I’m coming for you with my limited gun!
  15. I don’t know what happened and don’t really care but this is ridiculous. Everything I’ve ordered thru them is taking longer than expected. Why does the government literally suck at everything they do?
  16. If you have the time, go to the range and grab buckets of brass. Sort them and trade for it. I do it every year and that’s more money I can spend elsewhere.
  17. I don’t think you’re gonna find much in stock but another sleeper to watch out for is xtreme. Their JHP has been 100% out of my limited guns. Maybe bought 15-17k of them.
  18. So I’ve used Winchester 748, CFE223 and H335 and out of the 3, 748 has had the least smoke. it’s your powder tho, 100%
  19. I’m 33 and I work construction. My right knee pain sucked when I had to go up ladders and high stairs. Pain is gone now! Can’t wait to shoot in 2021 after Doing some movement training in the winter.
  20. Almost at 30 pounds in less than 2 1/2 months just by following a strict low carb, high fat diet. I need to get faster for next season and this diet is for real. Once I get down to 190ish I’m gonna start hitting sprints and other stuff to get my movement in and out of positions better. I finally got on board when 2 of the guys who i shoot and train with did it and lost some serious weight.
  21. first time getting a can and is currently in jail. do you guys use a bore alignment rod everytime you put your can on or just once when you put your muzzle break on?
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