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  1. Thank you! I’ll send him an email tonight
  2. This is going to be my Nationals brass.
  3. Looking for some Speer head stamped brass that’s been fully processed and roll sized.
  4. I new to loading this round and using RCBS SB taper crimp die. Im following the directions to the T and I’m still getting issues gauging and chambering. When I load to 2.260 it is just barely out of spec in my gauge and when.I chamber it, it gets stuck. I have to slam the butt stock on the ground to get the bullet out. BUT if I keep seating the bullet farther in the case, it gauges and chambers fine. 2.240 is the sweet spot where it functions fine in my gun and gauge. WTF I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out what’s going on. I’m using a 220 grain bullet and there’s zero difference on tbe bullet taper between these 2 depths. This is a 2 die set and the second die Seats and also puts a taper crimp on the bullet. I load for 7 different calibers and nothing is as much of a pain in the ass as 300 black out.
  5. I sent a barrel back on warrantee due to issues almost a month ago. Been trying to get ahold of ANYONE the last few days and nothing. ive left messages everyday and still nothing. Anyone heard anything from these yo-yos?
  6. My buddy took a stream light trl3 and put 9 size buck shot in it. It still works also, you can just barley see light coming out the front. Weights like 4-5 oz in the grand scheme of things tho a light won’t make a difference so don’t get to caught up in it.
  7. Anyone not using their clubs code? If not, can I use it?
  8. I have a PT grip on my gun and it gets caked in sh*t throughout the season. I usually take a brass brush and go to town on it but I can’t keep up and is a pain. It never gets fully clean because it’s so gummed up. if I get a ultrasonic cleaner, will this take care of the issue? If so, does brand matter? I’ve seen harbor freight has a inexpensive one for sale.
  9. Need to order a bunch of targets in bulk. Anyone have a discount code I could use?
  10. I’ll get my dead air can here soon and want to hunt white tail deer with it. (Yes, I can legally do this). Want to go subsonic but need help with a bullet design for maximum expansion for how fast the bullet is going. I know I’m asking for a lot due to the speed of the bullet going to slow but my max range shot is 75 yards.
  11. I have been looking almost every day for a TIN Bcg since thanksgiving and can’t find ANYTHING! What the heck is going on? Yes, I’ve checked the website you’re going to mention and no I don’t want to send one off to be coated.
  12. I’ve had a Titan for over 4 years and use a 11. in my edge I use a 10 both 40 limited major guns
  13. Looks really cool and similar to the match I just went to. It was my first one and I had a light mounted to my rifle. They also had big generators with light similar to what the road crews use so you could still see a little bit. I loved my weapon mounted might to illuminate steel that was to far to see with the overhead lights so I would choose that instead. BUT the fault lines were also illuminated by the generator lights. Maybe if you couldn’t see the fault lines maybe? But then it might be a safety issue.
  14. I love destructive devices AKs. I did a ton of research on all the little nuances of some of the top level builders and they really put out a quality AK. The way they fit the trunnions and fit the barrel are fantastic. I can’t seem to find one in the right price range that I want but I’m still looking. check them out.
  15. I have a sti edge that I use at 10 pound spring with a Wilson combat buffer and runs 100% atlas Titan with 11 pound and Wilson recoil buff and is 100%. I can’t tell the difference between them. I would go with an 11 but that’s just me
  16. Ya this sounds like wayyy to much of a PITA than I want to deal with lol
  17. How hard/reliable are these to make? im an average joe without a milling machine or fancy tools. I’m an electrician. How hard is this and is it worth messing around with. ive talked myself out of this only due to me convincing myself that it won’t last/be reliable. what else do I need tool and parts wise?
  18. Does the flat trigger have over travel adjustments? I would love the VQ kit but with a flat trigger
  19. How do you guys like that over travel screw? Looks like the VQ is the way to go!
  20. Just picked one up at a gun show and want a really nice after market trigger. I know there’s several options and didn’t know which one is the best. I shoot a 2011 in limited so anything that comes close to that trigger weight would be best. I’m looking for the lightest weight trigger out there.
  21. I love love love this holster and think it’s superior to all the other race holsters. Only down side is the bulk of the holster and the old school style of belt retention and adjustments. I saw CR came out with the new holster and will 100% be buying it if they updated the features.
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