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  1. I got a pair of the Altra MT's thanks to you fine folks, I'll put them through the paces this week. Thanks!
  2. Howdy! FNG here in the Tampa area, looking to dip into Limited Major or Production. I've done a lot of "outlaw" club matches in Orlando but nothing USPSA to date. I took I think the same class at the same place you did in St. Pete which was the launching point for my interest in competing. Best of luck!
  3. Wow great replies, thanks everyone. I have no delusions about finishing anywhere above middle middle of the pack best case scenario. For now I want to get in a rhythm, find my footing and put in some time on and off the range. Ive got a couple pics of his gun, it looks like a tool that’s been well used, can’t fault him for that. On the other hand, my Shadow is new, I shoot well with it right out of the gate, and I hadn’t considered just shooting limited minor for now to have fun an learn the ropes. I think I’m just going to run the snot out of my S2 and not care so much about what division I’m in. I’ve got plenty of time to figure out where I want to be down the road.
  4. Howdy all, long time lurker. I've been shooting for a yer or so, mostly in outlaw steel matches but am transitioning to USPSA competition this month. I was originally going to compete in Production with a Shadow 2, but I've got an offer for a trade on the table that has me questioning if I should take the deal. I appreciate any feedback. I've got a S2 Urban Gray / Black with around 100 rounds through it. He's offering his CZC Bull Shadow (Carry Optics Version) with 6k rounds through it for even trade. I know price wise, I would come out ahead since his gun is $800 more than mine new, and even with the wear of 6k rounds, it seems like good trade on my end (to me). I like the idea of starting off in Carry Optic too since I can focus on shooting more and reloading less. I have a DPP I would use with it. Anyone with knowledge of the Bull Shadow who can chime in on how it runs for carry optics? I don't have much match time in with a RDS, just using friends' here and there, I know I would need to practice acquiring the dot a lot during dry fire etc.. Also, I might be wrong, but it feels like CO might be a better starting division choice for me , production and the 10 round limit puts me off a little as a new guy. TL:DR Would you take the trade and run in CO division?
  5. I belong to 3 clubs, all different disciplines.
  6. Howdy! Welcome aboard. My story is much like yours, first match coming up though.
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