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  1. Thanks, I do like the click for dry fire. My other genre are 1911s with 2.25 lb triggers. The triggers are different enough and I don’t mind the pull but 3lb does sound nice. I could always use an extra as a nightstand gun honey.
  2. My 320 X5 with a non-upgraded trigger will break at the bottom of the trigger using a 4lb NRA trigger weight and I have never touched the FCU. Is there anything to gain by doing the voluntary trigger upgrade? I would only consider sending it back to SIG to be able to upgrade it with a Gray or Apex trigger. I am afraid it will end up worse (heavier). It will be a Carry Optics gun for USPSA.
  3. A little late but here is what I got with Bayou Bullets 135 round nose to 1.130 with Sport Pistol and CCI 500. Temp was 66. Dan Wesson PM9 3.2 avg 904. SD 5.6 spread 17 PF about 122 3.4 avg 977 SD 7.7 Spread 19. PF about 132 3.6 avg. 1014 SD 7.3 Spread 17 PF about 136
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