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  1. Interesting! I was thinking about buying another as a gift to my mother. i see the XCaliburs shown on the global ordinance sight have a “black” (blued??) barrel. Are there any other differences? Are these MK12 versions? What’s the finish on the barrel? Any word on availability of replacement parts?
  2. I just recently purchased a Grand Power XCalibur Mk12. It appears that there are only two types of recoil springs available on the Eagle Imports site: a "Light" spring (black, cylindrical-wire style spring), and what I imagine is the "Regular" or "Heavy" weight spring (red, flat-wire style spring). I've got the following questions: Which of these two springs is appropriate for typical factory/range ammo (i.e. not +p or +p+)? I would be interested in experimenting with a wider range of spring weights, but it seems eagle imports only provides two. Is there another type of spring that will work well with the XCalibur? For example, will springs for a full size 1911 work? In general, in terms of extending the lifespan of your firearm, is it "best practice" to use the heaviest possible spring that will still reliably cycle a particular type of ammunition? My impression is that this is the case, since it will prevent frame battering...however, is it also the case that using an unnecessarily heavy spring will cause damage/increased wear due to the fact that the slide is slamming back into battery with an excessive amount of force? Or is this just nonsense? Thanks in advance for the help y'all. And by the way: My initial impressions XCalibur are incredibly positive. I am just over-the-top impressed with this gun, and I'd recommend to just about anyone.
  3. I just purchased my first GP: An XCalibur MK12. Now, granted, I haven't been able to make it to the range yet, but I've gotta say this right off the bat: I'm completely blown away by the quality of this gun. The fit and finish is absolutely exceptional (I was especially impressed by the polish on the internals), the ergonomics are perfect, the SA trigger is insane (better than any of the Shadow 2's I tested while shopping around, IMHO), the slide action is buttery smooth, the lockup is tight as heck...I mean I could just go on and on about this gun. As an engineer by profession, I am completely stunned by the quality of the design, the execution, and the actual production quality of this firearm. Anyways, now that I've finished with my unbridled gushing (sorry about that, just had to do it!), I do have a couple questions about recoil springs: My XCalibur came with three recoil springs (one in the gun and two out), but they all looked the same: cylindrical black wire types, with 23 coils (like this one: https://grandpower.eagleimportsinc.com/grandpower/shop/parts/x-calibur-parts/recoil-spring-light). The one in the gun was about 1/3" shorter than the others, but I image that's just the result of it being compressed for so long. Do these guns ship with 3 Light recoil springs? If these are light recoil springs, are they appropriate for standard power ammunition (i.e. not +p or +p+), or should I sub in one of these: https://grandpower.eagleimportsinc.com/grandpower/shop/parts/x-calibur-parts/recoil-spring? Which recoil spring weight would guarantee the best performance and lifespan of the firearm with standard loads? Is there anywhere I could find a wider range of recoil spring weights for the X-Calibur (i.e. besides the eagle imports site)? Oh, and I'll be sure to post an actual range report as soon as I manage to do some shooting (hopefully in the next few days).
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