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Found 6 results

  1. I've got a Limited Extreme .40, I'm working up a 170pf load. I'm just wondering what springs you guys are running in your Limited guns. I have a 10, 11 and a 12lb now, has anyone used Henning's 10.75lb spring? I know about sight recovery time and ejection pattern. There's a lot of knowledge on this forum so just curious how some people are setting up their guns. Thanks in advance for any info. P.S. First time Tanfo owner and setting up a .40.
  2. I just recently purchased a Grand Power XCalibur Mk12. It appears that there are only two types of recoil springs available on the Eagle Imports site: a "Light" spring (black, cylindrical-wire style spring), and what I imagine is the "Regular" or "Heavy" weight spring (red, flat-wire style spring). I've got the following questions: Which of these two springs is appropriate for typical factory/range ammo (i.e. not +p or +p+)? I would be interested in experimenting with a wider range of spring weights, but it seems eagle imports only provides two. Is there another type of spring that will work well with the XCalibur? For example, will springs for a full size 1911 work? In general, in terms of extending the lifespan of your firearm, is it "best practice" to use the heaviest possible spring that will still reliably cycle a particular type of ammunition? My impression is that this is the case, since it will prevent frame battering...however, is it also the case that using an unnecessarily heavy spring will cause damage/increased wear due to the fact that the slide is slamming back into battery with an excessive amount of force? Or is this just nonsense? Thanks in advance for the help y'all. And by the way: My initial impressions XCalibur are incredibly positive. I am just over-the-top impressed with this gun, and I'd recommend to just about anyone.
  3. New to the forum. Just picked up a STI DVC Limited in 40 to shoot USPSA. Shot predominantly production that last couple years but made the jump to Limited. Zero'd the gun and chrono'd to make 170 PF. The gun came stock with a 14 lb. recoil spring. Can i go with a lighter recoil spring and still have reliability? Any suggestions on what weight recoil spring? I amend to the 2011 platform so unsure of hat i can and cannot do....also anybody use shot-buffs in their guns? Thanks for the help.
  4. For a 9mm 4.25in commander I'm looking to get it shooting as smooth as possible. I already got a Harrison FPS. Now I'm looking at recoil springs. There are a bewildering number of recoil springs which all claim to somehow reduce the felt recoil (I'm assuming by extending the impulse) while not increasing front sight dip when the slide returns. These include:- Nighthawk/Bob Marvel Everlast recoil system- DPM triple spring recoil reduction system- Sprinco Recoil Reducer- EFK dual action spring- Wolff Variable power springs- STI RecoilmasterDo any of these (or any other system or setup) actually keep the gun flatter during recoil? Do any of the variable rate, or multiple spring setups actually help slow the slide when moving reward, but then don't slam the slide home with the same force?Lastly, what would folks recommend for the setup mentioned above? I also have this same thread going on 1911forum with some interesting responses here: https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?p=11229570&posted=1Thanks!
  5. Is there any good way to mark recoil springs? I'm running 1911's. Have an assortment so I can tune to different loads but after they are out of the package they look pretty similar. No way I would remember which was which unless I picked one color for 16lbs, another for 18.5, etc. But what would work and not wear off easy or dissolve in oil or whatever? Some kind of paint?
  6. Hi everyone! I was told there might be some guys on here that can help me with my Witness. I have the Witness .22/.45 and I am looking to get the 10mm and .38 Super longslide conversion kits. I have heard the Witness has problems with the slides and frames cracking so I was looking into Wolff replacement springs. I am not sure if I need them or which ones to buy if I do. Can anyone help me out with this?
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