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  1. OK thanks, I'll check both those. I was just on the LOK site, I would really like to have those palm swells, they remind me of the old S&W coke bottle grips.
  2. I appreciate the offer, but I think there's a difference in the two frames. Somebody will come along that knows for sure.
  3. I have a 10mm steel with the wonder finish, not a competition frame. I'm looking for some grips, those plastic ones are no good for me, and I've tried one of those handall things and didn't like it. This is my truck gun, so maybe something rubbery? The only thing I can find for large frame is for the competition large frame.
  4. I've always been a fan of Astroglide, it handles heat and friction well. As to what to use on firearms, sound like anything works.
  5. I won't take you up on that yet, but I might later. Thanks though.
  6. That's a nice trigger. I keep reading and seeing BOLO, what is that?
  7. I looked on Stoeger's site, but I don't remember them saying anything about doing the work? Yeah, Xtreme 3 is a little more subdued.
  8. I hear you about the finish, I'm not crazy about it, maybe it will look better in person. But that can be changed up some. Was it PD that did the work for 300 ? I looked on their site and it was 385 now. And I would definitely do it myself for that.
  9. It's always about perspective. I understand the idea of getting the Stock2, then picking and choosing what you personally want to upgrade, but by the time it's all said and done, maybe you should have started out with something closer to what you wanted anyway. And there is joy in building it yourself, been there done that. We'll see what happens, but I do agree with those that say the Xtreme isn't worth the difference in price, which is close to 800.00, but if the difference is 200.00, that a different ballgame. Again, thanks for your input.
  10. Everybody keeps saying that. Thanks
  11. I went the other way, had a few CZ's, still have an old Champion. I won't argue which is best. Thanks though
  12. Hey Tanfastic, thank you so much for your time, that is some really good information, and it is appreciated. I think when I said "those more knowledgeable than I," that was misunderstood. I do have the tools, and skills, I just don't have knowledge of this particular pistol, and it's parts, but I have watched MM's video's, and it's just a matter of getting into it. Maybe I should have said, "don't have the knowledge yet." I'm with you on the polishing though, I like to stone everything first, get it square and flat, get the tool marks and burrs out, then polish. But it sounds like with the Etreme it's about half done, and you start with better parts, but that's another thing I don't know, xtreme this and that vs. standard parts. I will get it figured out. Another thing with the Xtreme, you start out with 3 more mags and baseplates. I think I may have a deal on an Xtreme for just a couple hundred more than the Stock2. And it's new. We'll see.
  13. Thanks, you guys are making me think. Appreciate that.
  14. I'll check into that, I do like the idea of hard chrome. Thanks for that.
  15. That's what I was thinking. Why put the good stuff (hard chrome)on a mid priced pistol, then make the top end guns look like a rattle can Saturday night special? All I can say is they didn't call me.
  16. Thanks for all that. I started out likeing the Stock 2, then the Limited, then the Limited Custom, now the Extreme guns. Tanfo makes so many, it's hard to pick one. But I do appreciate the help.
  17. Ah, that's probably a fair question for those with more knowledge than I. But, I was thinking, it's been through the custom shop, has all the good parts, should be ready to go. The downside is it's kind of pimpy looking.
  18. I'm looking at a Stock 2 Extreme. Every website I go to seems to have a different answer as to whether this pistol is D/A only, or D/A S/A. Does anyone know for sure? I posted this earlier, but I think it was in the wrong place, sorry.
  19. I'm kinda looking at one of these, but some sites say they are D/A, some say S/A, D/A. Does anyone know for sure? And what kind of trigger pull weight could I expect?
  20. Thanks for the encouragement. I took your advice before you posted it, I'm kinda thinking about a Limited ( single action only) now. Thanks
  21. Ok, thanks to both of you for the response. What spurred the question is one of the pistols I looked at, the Eaa Stock 3 Extreme, is listed on the EAA site as DA only. Could that be a mistake?
  22. Let me start by saying I don't know squat about this kind of competition. My question is, are some of these events restricted to SA only, DA only, and then some being DA/SA? As I look at pistols, I see some that fit all three category's. What would be the reason to shoot DA only?
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