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    This. Last month I got a G35, a KKM .40 to 9mm conversion barrel ($160), new Taran sights ($85) and a 9mm ejector... Wow! super accuracy and love having the extra sight radius. And I can also use the gun for USPSA major by putting back the original barrel.. Like having 2 guns in one...
  2. Hi Steven, thanks! PM sent. A question; the ejector will (probably) take care of the BTH issues, but the inconsistent cycling - don't I need a weaker recoil spring?
  3. As the original poster on this thread, I wanted to thank everyone for their advice and suggestions. My plan is to get into the action games again, after a 10 year hiatus (when I used my 1911 .45s). To try to keep cost of ammo down, I'm planning on shooting mostly 9mm, hence the conversion barrel. Based on this thread, I went with - a G35, found an FDE at Cabela's, cool! - a KKM .40 to 9mm conversion barrel My only upgrade so far is a set of Taran's TTI (thank you Taran, really appreciate you making a set available). These sights are amazing. 8/16/15 - Range report - first outing I scrounged up a bunch of mismatched and cheap .40 and 9mm from when I was shooting 10 years ago, threw it into my very long of tooth Waller range bag and headed to Tri-county (Sherwood, Oregon) early. Started with .40, at the 25 yard line. 200 rounds later of different stuff, (including a few magazines of Golden Saber hollow points defensive rounds), I had zero malfunctions or failures to feed, and all the brass was well behaved and went 3-4 to the right. Perfect right out of the box. I was surprised at how soft the gun shoots stock - I've taken 2 day shooting classes in the past with my G23 and felt that has much more bark than the G35 (which I guess you'd expect given the size of the G35). After a few groups that were low/left, I figured out the trigger press, and got some nice groups the size of my fist standing offhand at 25 yards, which I was really happy with. If I did my part, it shot where I aimed it. It would be interesting to try to bench rest it and see what it can do. I was anxious to try the 9mm barrel, so I dropped that in, and tried a few mags of old Wolff 9mm.The ammo fed fine, and shot OK, but it would FTE or stovepipe every 2-3 rounds, which I sort of expected. I tried some American Standard 9mm and that cycled it fine, but the brass pooped out and would occasionally clock me in the head. The 9mm shoots super easy, and feels like shooting a .22lr. Maybe it's the bigger gun and the conversion barrel, but recoil is non-existent. The one thing I noticed is with fast shooting my support hand moves around, which is probably a grip technique problem I need to work on. If I want the 9mm to behave, can I assume I need to - get a lighter recoil spring? (what weight would handle most 9mm)?? - get the 9mm ejector to eject the brass correctly (ideally 3-4 feet to my right like the stock .40 set up does?) anything else? I'm really happy with the G35, and can't wait to get the 9mm tuned and start doing some local matches. And because every thread is better with pictures - my latest child after her inaugural outing. I threw on a set of tactical grips, we'll see if that helps my grip.
  4. Thanks 9x45 Turns out Taran replied to my email and let me know he has sent a bunch to be coated 3 weeks ago, and doesn't have a specific date when they'll be back, but he expects them soon.. I'll wait for his sights. On the barrel comment; I was planning on getting a conversion barrel (probably KKM, but maybe LW). I wasn't planning on getting a fitted barrel, but a drop in. Does fitting make that big a difference? Who actually does this type of install? Thanks in advance Francis
  5. Thanks for the advice everyone - I've picked up a beautiful G35 in FDE from the local Cabela's. Can't wait to get to the range this weekend to see how it shoots completely stock. The sights are junk, and the first thing to be replaced. I was hoping to get a set of Taran sights, but they are out of stock and I can't get an answer as to when they'll be back in stock. So I'm thinking of the Warren Sivigney instead. Then a barrel, a DK trigger (maybe, the stock one feels pretty nice) and I'm only 10,000 hours away from mastery :-) Then
  6. Given this, does the fact the 9mm barrel is slightly smaller than the .40 affect accuracy in any way? Does the 9mm barrel "flop around" in the slide of a G35?
  7. Thanks for the heads up on needing the 35, makes sense. As for what I'll be using this for; mostly because I don't know what I want to do exactly game wise. I want to be as flexible as possible. The range I belong to (tri county in Sherwood Oregon), has many different shooting matches (steel, idpa etc.), and I'm looking for something that'll let me play most of them. I also have many thousands of rounds of 9/40 that I've accumulated over the years and I want to be able to shoot. Thanks, Francis
  8. Hi, I think I'd like to get a long sight radius glock, and would like to be able to shoot both 9mm and .40 from it. I think all I need is a barrel swap and mags, but wanted to confirm. Does anything else need to be changed when moving between calibers? Also, does it matter if you get a G34 or G35 to do this? Thanks, Francis
  9. Hi Jack, Sorry, I should have specified, Portland Oregon. West... Having said that, I've been to Portland Maine many times, and it's a beautiful area also. Regards, Francis
  10. Hi UFO, yes it does suck :-) Thanks for the reach out!
  11. Hello All, I'm a old/new shooter living in Portland (beautiful place if you can stand the political plant eaters). I started doing steel / IPSC type matches 15 years ago, and then my son was born, and then a new job, and then it seems life get busy and 10 years went by and I was in late 40's. But I really wanted to get back into shooting, so I went to the range a few times and realized my eyes were gone. I was wearing progressive lenses, but I couldn't see the front site worth a damn, and lost interest in shooting competitively. Fast forward to 54, and at my last visit to the eye doctor, I jokingly asked him when was he going to perfect plastic lenses so I could shoot again. Being an ex-army guy he said "if you want to shoot, I can get you set up". Long story short, multi-focal contacts optimized for front site distance has made a HUGE difference in my pistol and rifle shooting. I can see the front site and the serrations on the front site, who knew they were there :-) So now that I can see, I figure there's I have no excuses for not pursuing this more seriously. I love this site and the quality of the information and discussions here. I look forward to the day I can contribute something back. Regards, Francis
  12. Hello All, I'm toying with the idea of changing the sites on my stock TRS, which has novak night sights. I'm pretty new to the action shooting games (although I've dabbled a few times years past). I'm finding that as I work thru a lot of the dry fire drills I have a difficult time finding the right dot quickly. And in bright light, the rear dots are way brighter than the front dot, which seems backwards to me. I've looked a few guns that has a plain black sight (rear) and a fiber optic front. I haven't actually shot this setup. but it appears to be easier to see. I was thinking of a dawson FO front sight, and a Heinie plain slant pro rear. I have no clue for the right size of the front (.110?) or the width of the notch in the back? So, Any thoughts? Should I just try to suck it up with what I currently have, or if I do change the sights, what would be the optimal sizes, given I want this to be a general purpose gun; steel, IDPA, limited 10, and every day carry. I realize a fiber optic front isn't as durable as an all steel sight, but I figure if I do knock it off, I can simply go to the safe and pull out my Kimber until I get the broken sight fixed. Thanks for the info. btw - I've been reading a bunch of the threads on this site; What a great resource. The depth of knowledge here is the best that I've ever found. Francis
  13. Thanks for sharing some of your times. I don't have a good feel for what's an OK time and what's not. It seems many posts I read talk about folks having a .8 sec draw, and I'm thinking holy cow, that's about twice as fast as I can do... I'm sure I'll improve with some practice, but .8 seems incredibly fast to me. And I know the GM's can go even faster. Thanks again for the input. It does help put things in perspective.
  14. The statue of Paul shows him wearing Wilson football cleats, model year 1971. Everyone knows that Paul's last season was 1966, AND Green Bay was equipped by Converse. That's what happens when you let art majors design something... Need I mention they have him posed with his hip kicked out the wrong direction for the foot thats up... :-)
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