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  1. jamesflood1

    Hearing protection for Open

    I want to buy a earplug at the lowest price but I didn't find any company that provides the earplugs in very cheap price.
  2. jamesflood1

    In Ear Electronic Hearing Protection

    Electronic hearing protection is really cool to use. I had used it before. It really helps me much to protect my hearing. I recomanded to everyone to buy it when it needs?
  3. jamesflood1

    Ear protection

    I want to protect my ears and hearing too. I want to buy earplugs that will help me to protect my hearing.
  4. jamesflood1

    At home kit for custom ear plugs?

    Custom earplug is really cool for hearing protection.
  5. jamesflood1

    Ear Protection in Hot Weather

    Yeah, we should our ear protection from various sources such as industrial, firearm, water and so on.