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  1. Stuck between the Glock 17 or 19 by EF. Anyone can tell me if the mags are any different or how they feel in your hands? Might be good for training.
  2. AlecBeach

    My new MP7

    https://modernairsoft.com/products/mp7a1-fps-reduction-low-power-bolt-assembly Get this for CQB
  3. The KWA one is the best one. The VFC one is bad. Real bad.
  4. Go shoot some guns to help the down-ness
  5. AlecBeach

    My new MP7

    CQB Bolt for sure. then get yourself a nice flashlight and laser
  6. AlecBeach

    VFC HK416

    Does anyone have the VFC HK416? How is it and is it worth the money?
  7. I use a Umarex G17 https://modernairsoft.com/products/airsoft-glock-17-elite-force-pistol
  8. I played airsoft before. I have a replica P226 (Because I couldn't help myself) and it feels like my real thing.
  9. I went to training recently and they said I didn't need training because i'm already good with the trigger and pulling it out of my holster
  10. For me it's all about playing with it for awhile. Really get the feel of your gun! Know it inside and out and then start to draw it from anywhere. Pocket, Understrap, Pants, Holster, Etc! Then you start to feel the weight and pull of the gun on your arms and hands!
  11. I might actually look into a G-Code belt for the future. I've used normal belts for my revolver holster and that works well enough!
  12. For me. Someone with clammy hands. It can be hard to grip my Glock or my HK. But my P226 has good gripping on it due to the texture and the rubber grip I have on it. I'm a righty so my strong hand is my right but it is easier to grip with my left funny enough. So I use the Grip assist from the Left to help with Recoil control.
  13. I practice using a holster with a built in extra mag pouch. Hard to reach for the thigh holsters but much easier with the molle ones on your chest or somewhere else. But then again most people don't go around wearing tac vests. Might practice more with holsters with my P226 or Glock17
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