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  1. APOModern

    Milsim Gear

    For my primary gun does it matter how closely it replicates the real counterpart or is it pretty general at most events? In my mind an M4 is an M4 but I'm worried my VFC Avalon VR16 might not be accepted since its more like a civilian AR than milspec colt m4
  2. APOModern

    VFC HK416

    I'd say one of the cqb Avalon guns would be comparable to the 416 for a bit less money
  3. Talking about GBB? It's Kwa. For AEG, there really is not a good one out there. Maybe a tokyo marui, but they are going to be hard to find ... VFC is going to come out with an AEG mp7 sometime, or so they say, all we can do is wait and see...
  4. APOModern

    VFC HK416

    It's a good gun, there are some better ones out there, but it's a solid choice. If you're looking to polarstar it's a great choice because it has great quality externals, and the fusion engine was actually based around the VFC HK416 CQB, so it'll fit like a dream.
  5. APOModern

    Milsim Gear

    I'm going to my first Milsim event later this year, what kind of gear do people usually take?
  6. Ah, so you're familiar. Well maybe invest some time into it for real world application. They make for good training tools that you can make mistakes with since there's no deadly ammunition in it. I know they have some that are 1:1 scale too Found a link for the replica Airsoft Glock Pistol i got for cross training
  7. Hmm, imo, you can never not need training. I'd keep at it to stay sharp, but have you considered doing using tools like Airsoft replicas or paintball for force on force/training under physical stress? I'd say that'd be a good way to gauge how you are beyond a presumably flat range. Also, some of this replica stuff can actually be pretty handy for practicing reloads as the weights and feels are similar, but less expensive and you can use them in your backyard even.
  8. They make great stuff and you can get it more or less cutom made/tailored to your style and needs. They are durable so I use it for range as well as force on force airsoft training too and I love it. Still, gear doesn't make the shooter, it may just help you with ease of reps though
  9. Do you use dummy guns or replicas for training at all then?
  10. I agree with drawing directly to THAT hand. I think that switching hands/grip after the draw would be more beneficial going around barricades and such. Good input though thanks.
  11. I'd highly recommend getting a belt setup with hoslter and pouches seperated for comfort. I love my g-code belts for range time
  12. Hi Will! I also second airsoft as good training especially when you can't afford to constantly go to the range.
  13. Practice with some dry fire drills and go really slow or film yourself so you can see/feel where you are gripping and access if it needs to be adjusted. When it feels fluid enough, go to live fire drills or speed up. Also make sure whatever system you are using to retain your mags is in an ergonomically friendly position. Nothing like reaching for a mag and missing it all together.
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