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Found 4 results

  1. I started this sport a little late in life at 49, and now 5 years into it, I can see why they set the age for senior at 55. I can definitely feel old age starting to creep up… Honestly, I always thought it would be great to make Master I but never really thought it would be possible. Last year I made production A class and spent a day and a half with Shannon Smith, and I think reaching Master just may be possible. Although, the recent updates to the classifier high hit factors really hurts… I know it’s generally not recommended, but I’ve started shooting classifiers a lot in practice. Since Master is my goal, it seems to make sense to use classifiers as a benchmark to test myself against and learn from. Not to mention I really stink at classifiers in general… My early live fire training was focused on a lot of field course work. This was really helpful with transitioning from running/moving to accurate shooting modes and seemed to make me fairly successful in matches overall, but I perform poorly in classifiers. Long story short… I need help. I’ve really put a lot of work into getting where I’m at today and improvements seem to be harder to come by. I’ve currently got several issues I’m dealing that I’ll detail in my next post. It really boils down to pride. B class was good, and I’m was super happy when I made A class, but “Master” really sound nice. Master.. master.. maaaasteerr Yea… You guys have been an extremely valuable resource over the years, and I know I’ll benefit greatly from your feedback. I know we all love talking about the sport we love, but detailed replies take a lot of time, so let me go ahead and say how much I appreciate all the help.
  2. For those of you who do shoulder/hand transitions, how do you recommend getting a similar grip with your "weak" side as with your "strong" side? My grip on a handgun with my right hand always flocks to the same spot, but when I switch to or draw with my left, I always feel like I have to readjust. Is it just practice, or are there specific techniques to get near identical/symmetrical grips?
  3. This is a good stage we thought up today, a lot of movement, reloads, transitions (both side by side and elevation) and increasing distance. Targets ranged from 10ft to 10 yards and them 20 yards. Let me know what I can do to improve. 1. I know I had a slip on the safety at the 4th target, added about a 1/2 a second. 2. The movement between shooting areas could be more aggressive also. The new pistol greatly improved my grip as there is no option now...left thumb has to ride the safety so no more gripping it like a monkey (heard that reference somewhere). Let me know what else! Thanks in advance for the input. Youtube link attached. Before you ask...the main camera view is not from a crazy person, it is my Soloshot2 robot camera man. It is probably the coolest tech item I have and is proving to be very useful.
  4. I hope that I can get some help, I have used the search function and haven't found what I am looking for regarding my eyes and transitions. I shot my first match on July 1st, 2012 and as you can imagine I became consumed by the sport. I have shot pretty much every match in the area as I can and also shoot on my own during the week. I also have been training with a instructor in the area and practicing with a Master class shooter. On of my biggest issues is transitions, they...well they just suck! I understand the dry fire drills along with live fire but I continue to screw it up. The instructor tells me that I have to snap my eyes to the next target as soon as the gun lowers and the gun will go right to where my eyes are, but I am still not getting it and I feel like my eyes and brain are not working. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that I can try? I am never going to get out of C class until I can make the transitions happen. Steve
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