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  1. Although a properly sized case gauge should always be smaller than a properly sized chamber. That is the purpose of the case gauge - to ensure that ammo is smaller than the maximum SAAMI ammo spec, and that they will fit in any chamber cut to the minimum SAAMI chamber spec (or larger). When I recently switched to a Shadow 1, I immediately started experiencing failures to feed with ammo that had been plunk tested in the barrel. All the rounds that FTF in the Shadow worked flawlessly in my 1991 vintage CZ75 Pre-B model. The problem was in an extremely close tolerance breech face on the Shadow. If the diameter of the rim of the case is greater than about 10.02mm (SAAMI maximum is 9.95mm), the rim does not fit under the extractor and the round does not feed. It passes the barrel plunk test (which does not measure rim size), but does not fit into my Dillon case gauge. At least 30-40% of my many-times-fired range pickup cases are affected.
  2. Hi, my name is Hein and I am from South Africa. I am an IDPA shooter (as well as Steel Challenge now with one match under my belt), I started almost two years ago, and I am getting somewhat serious about improving. That is why I am joining here. I am looking forward to learning a lot, and possibly, at some stage, contributing!
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