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  1. WOW~ beauty! I'm pretty set with PD threaded cone barrel option. Where did you get that beautiful comps?
  2. Stupid me…. Thanks for the clarification! I hate dealing with EAA but I might have to try their 6” barrel. Might a little cheaper than PA barrel. Thanks again for your advice!
  3. Excellent suggestion… I just missed their recent sale. Ahhh… you can’t shoot Gold team in USPSA, right?
  4. Thanks for the info! That’s so true! At $5K we can get so much better gun at that price… not that Tanfo is bad but so many good choices out there!
  5. I see… I thought the trigger, hammer and frame are also different. Love to have the Bull barrel and not sure the heavier comp makes more maneuverable.
  6. Currently, I have a pair of Gold Custom Eric 2007. I have never seen the Domina in person but what's the difference between two pistols? Tried to search the net but couldn't find the definite answers. It looks like the Domina is close to $5K and Gold Custom Eric 2007 is close to $2K. Anyone have both or experienced the Domina? Gold Custom Eric 2007 has been discounted and replaced by the Domina?
  7. I have Unica hammers on two Tanfo (mated with Unica sear)... pretty impressive trigger pull.
  8. Yes sir, it’s Xtreme 90’ mount and C-more Red dot
  9. Dang~ you're actually correct. I ordered the wrong part You're so right.... I got the tall version WIHTOUT the magwell
  10. Yeah, I read that too... mine came with a magwell and it's just std Tac Ultra FS HC. I read many people successfully modified and installed it but no one shared the instruction or video
  11. Enjoyed looking at other member's awesome pistols. I will add some of mine... Pretty average stuff... I have incoming NIB Gold Team 2007 & Match Extreme 6"... can't get enough Tanfo. Really love the hard chrome finish and overall fit & finish. Time to buy more parts to modify!
  12. I brought Taylor Freelance Fattie Magwell & mag extension for my RIA Tac Ultra after watching this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ0yufKNzLc Unfortunately, Taylor Freelance mag extension doesn't fit with their magwell. After searching for hours, it seems like I have to modify the frame or magwell but couldn't find any instruction how. Does anyone know what I have to modify in order make both work on my RIA? The magwell fits great but obviously mag w/ extension wouldn't lock up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. That wasn’t the one I’m looking for. Thanks for the offer though...
  14. Yes, I have both and they looked the same to me.
  15. Does anyone know who has 90 degree C-more mount for Czechmate? I tried to search and couldn’t find any place that has one in stock... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Does anyone know who has the extended safety for sale? Global import? What type of finish they applied on the barrel? I have two X-cal, one with chrome looking barrel and one with black finish.
  17. Thank you....exactly what I need. Yeah... not into competition now but who knows. Thanks again for valuable info guys!
  18. Thanks for your reply. Never thought about the sear cage. Do you know where to get the spacer or how to install in?
  19. Recently I was able to acquire CZ Shadow 1 complete upper . My plan was to install it on my existing 75B or SP-01 (CZ custom shop modified gun). Unfortunately, the CZ Shadow 1 slide wouldn't slide in either lowers. It looks like my 75B and SP-01 slides have firing pin block and the Shadow upper doesn't have it. Does anyone know which CZ lower fits w/ Shadow 1 upper shown on the pic? Any modification I could do in order to work with my existing 75B or SP-01? Sorry for the stupid question... searched the net and couldn't find the answer.
  20. Thanks! I need them now so I'm heading out to Hareware store now.
  21. Thanks, I was able to find the assortment box from amazon. Hope it works! thanks guys https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3VBQT8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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