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  1. So after returning home and completely dissembling the bolt to include gas key and extractor, my firing pin retainer pin was able to be removed but now a few millimeters shorter due to the break and my firing pin has broken inside the carrier. It’s the kind of FP with a spring attached to it and cannot be removed currently. I don’t know whether to find a punch like tool and try to force it out from the front or if part of the FP retainer pin is lodged in the FP channel preventing the pin from coming out. I’ve tried needle nose pliers and the pin clearly rotates in the channel but will not extr
  2. So I finally had my firing pin issue. At Optics Nationals I kept having what I assumed were light strikes (last 1/3rd of the match, total of x3 incidents) bc I was too busy trying to haul ass that I didn’t go back for my rounds. Needless to say after swapping out bolts completely (I bought a spare early in the season) everything came to life. I saw someone had the firing pin retainer pin break and that’s part of my problem bc now I can’t remove the firing pin. Any suggestions w/o destroying the bolt carrier?
  3. Sorry it's been forever since I've logged on but I'm using a lightly modified Gen3 Glock 35. The dream is to send it Taran Tactical for their combat master package. Right now I'm working on PCC to a) find out what I'll classify as, b) my shooting rifle skills are a lot less perishable than my pistol skills, and c) since I don't get to shoot a lot PCC is easy for my to pick up and hose some stages down.
  4. Hey ya'll I'm Pat out of Nashville, TN and I'm new to the forum. I just shot my first level 2 match (2017 SNS 400) just north of Louisville, KY and I had a blast. I've been competitive shooting on/off now for 2 yrs and I love it! I'm looking forward to shooting better and more often to hopefully become a "B" Class shooter or better in Limited Major so I'll gladly welcome any/all positive input from everyone. Thanks and hopefully I'll see everyone out at the range! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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