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  1. Hello everyone. I am that guy. I recently aged into the USPSA Super Senior ranks. In the eight plus years that I have been at this game, between IDPA, Steel Challenge, 3-Gun and all the various USPSA events, I have stood there waiting for the BEEP a couple of thousand times. Until that day I had never been DQ'd. I was not having a good match that day. I was off my game, the bullets were not going where I wanted them to go and I just could not get my mind to cooperate. The DQ was on the fourth stage of the day. I am in the start box, had my stage plan ready, made ready, heard the Standby command, was shifting my feet to get off of some spent brass and BANG! WTF? I was as surprised as the RO. The RO gave me the Unload and Show Clear commands. I think he made a comment about the round going into the far berm, or maybe it was later. I slowly walked back to my cart and packed everything away. The RO came up to me and said not to leave just yet and went to talk to the Range Master. Range Master rolled up a couple of minutes later with the RO and they had a discussion about ND's, early starts, bullet into the berm, etc., etc. - i.e. all the stuff that has been discussed here already. The decision was a ND and sorry, but its time to go home, don't feel bad, it happens and see you next time. I gave my apologies and departed. Please don't second guess the Range Master with another 50 posts. I messed up and would have sent myself home at that point even if invited to do a re-shoot. So what happened? I had my finger on the trigger, obviously. The safety was off, obviously. I was shooting a SIG MPX PCC with three matches on it. It was not equipment failure and I would swear that it court. I had been shooting a CZ Scorpion with the aftermarket AK style safety on the right side for four years. Love that Scorpion. I was in a position to try something else, so I went with the SIG. Ergonomically they are profoundly different and I was having issues adopting to the SIG. I was frustrated, hot, tired, had sweat in my eyes and my head was not in the game that day. BANG!
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