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  1. When I wanna practice everything but draws I just tie down my hammer to the beaver tail with a straightened out paper clip. Seems to work well for me and, I'm not for sure but, I don't think it'll hurt the gun. I think it feels almost the same as SA.
  2. I was about 9 seconds from A... now I'm less than 1 seconds. I think it's because I've always shot a production gun but was competing with everyone who was shooting open... now I'm just competing with other production guys.
  3. So a competitor's percentage can go down if the competitor's best time on a stage is older than 2 years... and the clock starts ticking today (July 4th 2016)... is that correct?
  4. Why such a short oal? My stock II will do 125gr blue bullets @ 1.150 oal and not hit the groves in the barrel. Is there any reason to load shorter than that?
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