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  1. I use the dippers for all my pistol/revolver loads with flake type powder. I can produce a more consistent load than with my measure. With a single stage press, I don't think it is that much slower. If no dipper is the right size, you can take a bigger one and file it down, or drill out a smaller one a little until you have a custom dipper for just the load you want.
  2. Smith & Wesson has a safety recall for the Walther PPK & PPK/S pistols they make. It covers all pistols made between 2002 to present, I believe. They say that without the repair, the gun may fire when the safety is flipped off !! Would'nt that make you jump ! Full details are at Smith&Wessons website.
  3. Gallow, My personal ability to call shots mirrors yours, and the few people who told me they could, didn't demonstrate that ability when shooting. However, I had the good luck to be squadded with Dave Sevigney at last years Area 8, and I saw him miss 2 targets. One was enclosed in hard cover except the 'A' zone, and one was a Mini Pepper Popper. He made up the shot on the paper target so fast I thought he had planned 3 shots on it (like I sometimes do on that type of target), and his make up on the steel was every bit as fast. So some people can definitely do it, at high speed, thus it is an attainable skill. I guess we need to keep working!
  4. The classification system, like any system, can be manipulated. Thus we have grandbaggers and sandbaggers. But for the vast majority of us, it is a concrete indication of our improvement. I, like probably everyone else shooting this sport, am a competitor. The first match I shot, I came in last on every stage, and , coincidentally, overall. The tremendous fun I had kept me coming back, but much determined to do better. I take personal satisfaction in the improvements I've made since then (still have a loooong way to go), but if I was still coming in last, I may not feel as good. I defy anybody here to go to a shoot, have the best match of their life, do things they have not been able to do before, and, despite their high level of personal satisfaction, not go home and immedialely check the standings. That's the nature of competition and competitors. The classification system, and moving up it, is an extension of this competitiveness.
  5. Wow. I am impressed with the trouble you took to clear this matter up for me. Thanks. (Did I mention I started using this setup in 2005 ?) I do now atleast understand the reason for the ruling. Production Division is obsessed with their guns having the external "appearance" of being stock, while allowing the internals to be slicked up. This is a concept I've struggled to understand since I joined this sport. The rules are the same for everybody, however, so I'm fine with it. Judging from the success of PRD, they must'nt be too far off the mark. Thanks again.
  6. I'm no word jockey, so I could be wrong, but as far as I know there were no previous restrictions on mags except they could only have 10 rds in them after the start signal. I wouldn't consider aftermarket mags as a gun modification (but what do I know?), and the lack of mag restrictions in a division with a limited round count makes perfect sense to me.
  7. The "fit in the box" requirement is not a holdover, it was just added to PROD in the 2008 rulebook. Last year, 10 rd extended mags were fine, this year they are illegal because the gun won't fit the box with them inserted. I'm not trying to be anal about this. It's not really that big of a deal to me. My situation is probably just collateral damage of a rule instituted for some other reason, that probably affects me and 3 other people trying to shoot a non-1911 45 singlestack in PROD. I'm not going to waste money on more 8 rd mags for this setup, so I'll just sit out of PROD for awhile. See Ya.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I am sorry that my original post wasn't clear. I wasn't questioning or arguing the purpose of a division that's scored all minor with a 10 rd limit, I was questioning the purpose of the IPSC box in that division. I can't find my old rulebook at the moment, but I don't believe there was any limitation on mag length before - just a limitation on round count. My stock Ruger magazines hold 8 rds (and will fit the box), but I was using aftermarket extended mags that hold 10 rds, and they don't fit the box. I am merely questioning the rationale behind limiting mag length in a division that already has a limit on round count?
  9. Can someone please explain to me the rationale behind the limitations of the IPSC box in Production (or for that matter, any division) ? I understand the mag length limit in the unlimited round count divisions, limited & open, but I fail to see the purpose in any other division. A little background. I've been shooting L10 with a 1911 single stack 45 for a couple years, and life is good. (Everybody warned me that those widebody race equipment guys would kick my butt, and they have. Those race holsters and mags at weird angles all around your body help you shoot quicker and more accurately, I guess. Let's not discuss how guys without that equipment also kick my butt.) The trouble is that L10 is like the neglected step-child in my area. If a local shoot has 70 shooters, there are 20 in PRD, 20 in LTD, 20 in OPN, and 10 scattered in L10, SSTK, and REV. So, though I love my 1911, I thought I might get a 9mm to shoot in PRD once in awhile. I looked at the XD, the M&P, and lately, a CZ - and then the orthodontist bill for my 2 yougest children that just got braces - and decided this might not be the year for a new gun. Then I thought of my Ruger P90, which I started this sport shooting in PRD, and thought, why not? I already have the holster, 10 rd mags, mag holders, and the reloading supplies. Maybe get some lighter bullets, work up a reduced PF load, and I'm good to go. Maybe not the best setup, but doable. Starting to get excited again. So I look through the new rulebook to see if my Hogue finger groove grips are legal (they are now offered through Ruger on some versions of the P90) ........ and I come across the dreaded, and quite unexpected, IPSC box. My Ruger won't fit in it with 10 rd mags. And I can't help but wonder WHY ? WHAT IS THE PURPOSE IN A DIVISION THAT'S SCORED ALL MINOR WITH A 10 RD LIMIT ?
  10. To here them complain that they can't shoot L10 because those barbarians - believe it or not - actually have magazines that stick out of their guns !!
  11. I saw a dry fire training pistol at www.dry-fire.com and was just wondering if anybody here has tried one. It has a double action first trigger pull followed by single action trigger pulls until it is reset. This sounds like it could be a very useful dry fire tool for multiple targets, but I thought I would bounce the idea off this forum before I bought one. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Since alot of these posts center around adding new shooters to the sport, and I am a new USPSA shooter, perhaps I could give you my take on this topic. As a SS (non-1911 style) .45 shooter, it took me all of 2 shoots to realize that there is no clear cut answer as to which division I should be shooting in. I started a post recently asking for advice on that very question. My 2 choices are basically Production (i.e. 9mm division - 10 shot/minor scoring) or L10 ("limited" guns and "racier" equipment). My production .45 leaves me at a disadvantage in each division, or there would be no need for major/minor scoring in other divisions, and no need for L10 at all, as "limited" gun shooters could just compete in Production, or vice versa. Now, I am no where near good enough to even notice these slight disadvantages in my shooting ( maybe someday...), and I would continue shooting even if I had to shoot in Open because I love to shoot the courses (even if not competitively) - but I am aware that my gun is not really a good fit anywhere. For me it doesn't matter, for other prople it might. My suggestion would be that instead of adding another division, change Production. Since most of these SS's are production guns, that seems the logical place. Production could be converted into a 10 round max/minor scoring and 8 round max/major scoring division (or something like that), with appropiate PF's. Drop the unenforced "no SA only guns" ( Glocks are DA?) and some of the other silly restrictions ( like the one concerning my $20 grips that changed my gun to "limited"), and SS .45's have a home. Just my $.02 (or less?) worth.
  13. I do have ProMag 10 round magazines. Is this another strike for me as far as Production goes? I did not see in the rules where it stated that only factory size magazines can be used. Perhaps my decision is not going to be that hard?
  14. I just started shooting USPSA this year and I really enjoy it. I've shot 2 matches so far this year, the first one with my buddies 9mm and the second one (after gathering all the proper equipment) with my Ruger KP90. My basic question is what division should I be shooting in? I somewhat understand the different divisions as far as the rules go, but I have no practical knowledge of them. My basic reloads have about a 180 PF (200gr @ 900 fps). This definitely slows me down on multiple shots as compared to a minor power factor (not that it makes that big of a difference in my overall slooooownessssss.......yet!), but there is no advantage for the major power factor in Production Division. Everything else being equal, I would score a higher hit factor in Limited 10, but that may not make me more competitive if that is a "racier equipment" division. Would it be more advantageous for me to develop light loads and stay in Production, or move to Limited 10? As an aside, I have Hogue wraparound rubber grips on my pistol which I absolutely love. I have read elsewhere on this forum that they are illegal in Production. If this is true, can anybody explain to me why I can replace my standard barrel, as well as have internal trigger work, etc. done on my gun and remain in Production, but cannot put a pair of $20 grips on it ? I am not sure that I understand the intent of this rule.
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