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  1. I am a new shooter to this match. Are the stages and match layout close to parking? My question specifically is, can we carry gear and "shoot out of the truck" or is a range cart preferred? I had planned on carrying guns, ammo, coolers etc. in the truck and driving close to each stage. That may not be an option. Any input from match directors or previous competitors is appreciated.
  2. Big thanks to Gary, Joe, Linda and the Rockcastle crew. Great match design, challenging and fun. Can't wait until next year!
  3. I received the email. Looking forward to one of my favorite matches of the year!
  4. Great match. Thank you very much to the guys that put this together. Brian Ray and Byran Vaught. Also - thank you to the sponsors, and the R.O. personnel that keep us SAFE and "on the road".
  5. I have my daughters birthday party on the same day. Unfortunately, I will miss this match supporting a wonderful organization.
  6. I heard great feedback from the first one. June 18th is the second of four. Anyone planning to go? Looks like plenty of spots open.
  7. Maybe my Rhino Arms rifle will sky rocket in value in the coming months.
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