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  1. bump! Just a few slots left! we have 157 shooters at last count!
  2. A little more research and it looks like they're called Max Traps, but aren't for sale anymore, except the peek a boo from NSW?
  3. Who all makes these style of "peekaboo" - "flapper" whatever... targets. (2 targets on the left). I've seen 3 styles of mechanisms and want to look at prices, etc.
  4. Got 100 shooters registered in just a couple hours! If you missed out, we still have some slots left! http://squadsignup.com/soco/index.php?MatchId=2
  5. July 9th and 10th in beautiful Colorado Springs Colorado. 8 stages of running and gunning! Tons of steel, reems of paper, truck loads of barrels, and loads of walls all come together at the Pikes Peak Gun Club in Colorado Springs, Colorado to form the SC3G Championship match! Shots out to 200 yards, and have a gully run! All levels of shooters from Pros to shooters with only a few 3 Gun Matches under their belts are invited and encouraged to come out, spend 2 days with us, blast away at targets, and have a heck of a time! The location makes for a fantastic family getaway, we have free camping on site, are minutes from the airport and hotels, and there is a lot for families to do in Colorado Springs. Sign up on February 1st Visit http://www.sc3g.weebly.com/ FB: http://www.facebook.com/SC3GC/ Contact SoCo3Gun@gmail.com for more info Looking for the family friendly stuff? http://sc3g.weebly.com/families.html
  6. SoCo 3 Gun Championships - July 9, 10th - Colorado Springs, Colorado Seeking Sponsors still - Email SoCo3Gun@gmail.com if you'd like to sponsor a match in the Mountain States!
  7. this one? https://competitionshooters.com/grips-sti-2011-hicap-aluminum-by-sti/
  8. where is it avail, and is it textured? Thanks
  9. Got a DVC 9 Lim. Grip is too fat for my tiny meat hooks and short sausage fingers. I'm going to get a SV short trigger, and a thinner grip. From reading other posts, the STI aluminum and Phoenix Trinity steel are really thin. But those are older posts, and I don't like that the STI Aluminum is smooth. Are they going to be thinner than the Extra Small "DVC Advantage" from extreme shooters? ( https://www.extremeshooters.com/sti-grips/lady-dvc) . Thanks all Kevin
  10. 3 Gun - Colorado Springs Style! Bay style stages of running and gunning at the Pikes Peak Gun Club. *Setup 7-9a. Show up before 8a and get a $5 discount! *9a is the new shooter's brief/class. *After new shooter's brief, main brief, and first shots! It's July 5th, day after INDEPENDENCE DAY!! So we'll be celebrating the birth of our country with high round count stages, free BBQ, and friends. But only free BBQ if we get enough people! So tell your friends!!!! I want to pack the house!! Cost is $30 for the match. $10 (+cc $1 fee) will be taken at registration time. This is non-refundable. Day of the match will be $20 for registrants. $5 off to anyone that shows up before 8 to help! If there are holes, you're welcome to fill them the day of!! We will be using electronic squading for the first time! Registration should be even that much faster now! I won't be sending out the squading link until I've guaranteed whether it's 4 or 5 stages.. but rest assured... I WANT 5 STAGES! To Register: https://clubs.practiscore.com/soco-3-gun-july-2015/register Being independence day, this match will NOT be short on targets. Every stage will be a higher round count than we've been doing. I have some killer stages already written including a 3 Gun Nation style drag race, and a game of cups!! Slugs will be required. Round counts aren't confirmed yet. ABSOLUTELY NO STEEL AMMO!! This includes green tip, black tip, bimetal, steel birdshot, etc. There will be DQ's for steel ammo. See you there! Kevin Questions? Email: SoCo3gun@gmail.com Want to stay connected? FB: SoCo 3Gun Directions? https://www.google.com/maps/place/Isaak+Walton+Range/@38.824716,-104.594951,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x8713394886387d53:0xf9c394606367198e
  11. There is a fiber optic sight called the "easy hit" that is designed specifically for this. It has a hood to prevent your eye that's not over the rib from seeing it.
  12. 5/29-5/31 2015. Hornady Pandemic http://www.zombiesintheheartland.com/ Registration opens April 2nd.
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