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  1. I have had similar issues with mine as well with the mec-gar para mags. It jams once in a while and on occasion just won't feed the next round. It kind of half locks open on an empty mag as well. Also, and It is kind of weird, but the gun actually seems to have a different point of impact with these mags compared to the factory one. I didn't even know something like this was possible, so I will have to shoot some more and see if it is the gun or just me. I have the daswon extenders, but can't get many more rounds than what is specified by mec-gar. I haven't had much time to mess with that, b
  2. How much was this thing? I ordered it from grabagun and paid $631. I checked my order status the next day and they were in the $750 range. Not sure if they screwed up on the price or what happened. Do you like it, how is the trigger? I only have about 50 rounds through it, but so far I really like it. I have the single stack full rail .45, and compared to that, it is much smoother functioning right out of the box. The sights were dead on and the trigger is all around better and certainly lighter. I really like how the gun balances. I have no idea why they aren't on the website. In fact,
  3. Received my 51738 pro match yesterday. Attached a pic for anyone that was wondering what they look like.
  4. Great information here. Does anyone have a picture of the 51738 model? Cant seem to find much information on it, much less a picture. Thanks.
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