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  1. I have 2 S&W Pro Series 1911's in 9mm.. I would like to see if I can turn one into an open or limited gun. If so who could I send it to or what parts do I need to order? Please keep in mind I will only be using it for local club steel shoots. Thanks! Adam
  2. Just wondering if anyone is using red dot in 38 super? If so what load has worked best for you? Thanks, Adam
  3. Nobody can give me any info? I could really use some help here guys. Thx, Adam
  4. I have a bunch of 140mm 38sc Para mags that I'm not using. I'm considering selling a couple, but I'm not sure what they are worth. If someone could give me an idea of what they are worth I would really appreciate it. Thanks! Adam
  5. Ask them if they will give you the name and number of the person it's registered to. Maybe you can call him and ask him to call the investigator. Worth a try. Adam
  6. I 100% agree! I love Vortex customer service and warranty. This past November I was out shooting a new load to prepare for an upcoming rifle Elk hunt. To make a long story short, the gun was shooting way off. I was not sure what the problem was, but I thought it might have been the scope. I contacted Vortex and informed them of the problem. I told them that my hunt was less than 10 days away. I was told to immediately box the scope and send it over night to Vortex. They said they would test the scope and if it was bad they would send me a new scope the next day. I sent the scope on Thursday afternoon and received the scope back on Tuesday morning. WOW! Amazing service. I have had similar issues with my Swarovski Binoculars and received horrible service. I still feel Swarovski has superior optics, but there service sucks compared to Vortex. P.S. The problem ended up being loose rings and base.
  7. I really appreciate everyone's opinion's. I'm learning there is a lot t learn regarding open guns. I'm starting to lean toward a 38, but I still haven't completely decided. I have a lot of decesion's to make. I'm planning on taking my time before I buy so I can make the right decesion. I cant wait to get one. Adam
  8. Thanks for all the info guys. I looked at Cameron Customs and WOW! Those are some really nice guns, but really expensive! For someone who is only shooting Tuesday night steel and fun shooting is it necessary to buy a custom gun? How often to these guns come up on the used market? Thanks, Adam
  9. Over the past several month's I've become more interested in shooting a Race/Open Gun. I've been watching the guys shoot the open guns at Tuesday Night Steel at Rio Salado. It looks like a lot of fun. I would really like to get one, but I'm really not sure what to get. I've been told the STI Steelmaster would be a great choice. I would be interested in what your opinion is about this gun or others. Thanks for the info. Adam
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