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  1. Ok, I see now. That's a little more involved than I thought it would be, but that's not a problem.
  2. I will be installing a SJC C-More mount on my Glock. I tried doing a search, I guess I'm using the wrong key words. The bolt/screw that takes the place of the trigger pin is a no brainer, But the front 2 mounting points (just forward of the Take down lever) where you have to drill into the frame. There are 2 odd shaped nuts that that I assume that go on the inside of the frame is what has me confused. Can some one post a pic of the mount installed with the slide off of the mounting area that has to be drilled. Thanks Bryan
  3. I already have 2 CR Speed rigs and holsters. 1 for my Glock and 1 for my 1911.
  4. Thanks for the info. Once I made the above post about the Carver Mount, I seen it required the CR Speed to be modded. I'm not grinding on my holster. So I'm changing again to the SJC Mount. Thanks for the load info
  5. Thanks for all the info guys, keep it coming. Looks like I pretty much had things chosen correctly for the most part, Just a few small changes. Going to switch to the SJC 11 port comp. Possibly switch to the Carver Red Dot Mount. JackinSD, I have the Glockworx's Fulcrum trigger already installed. so that covered.
  6. EkuJustice, Thanks for the info. Now why the SJC 11 port comp over the KKM comp (Looks to be a 4 port comp)? I'm guess the amount of ports make that much of a difference. TruStreet, 10lb spring for Major? That seam kind of low. My Springer 9mm 1911 only uses a 9lb spring from the factory. Please explain.
  7. I hope this the right section to post this. I have been bitten by the Open Division bug. I was able to shoot a buddy's Open Glock and STI this past weekend. Now I want one for myself. Since the STI is out of reach at this time, I want to build/have built an Open Division Glock. I started putting a build list together. This is what I have so far. Am I on the right track? 1. KKM Barrel and Comp 2. SJC Red Dot Mount 3. SJC Mag Well 4. C-More Red Dot 5. TTI Extended Base Pads 6. Glockworx Guide Rod and Springs 7. Slide Racker Is there anything I am missing or should switch? Also, Since I will be shooting Major PF, I am not sure which weight springs to go with. Through all the searching, I'm finding that 14lb spring is mostly used for Major Loads but I have seen them as high as 16lb and as low as 12. What is the average weight spring being used. As of right now I am shooting a 115g RN bullet. I will be switching to a 147g bullet soon. With the 115g RN bullet and Titegroup Powder, What would you use (powder charge) to make the correct PF.
  8. I have been reload for a couple years now. Well a buddy of mine received all his reloading equipment last week and this weekend we got everything setup and started searching loads for his G22c. At the time the only powder and projectile he was able to get his hands on have been Berry 165g RN Accurate #9 I know this isn't a typical powder used in 40 (due to the slower burn rate) so loads with this powder is hard to come by. So with hours of online research and reloading book searching. I made an educated guess. (Please don't attack me with what I did to come up with starting loads) With all the researching being done. I started of with a load of 9.6g of Accurate #9 and went up to 10.8g with 165g Berry RN Bullet. I went up in .2g increments, starting off with 9.6g up to 10.8g 1- 9.6g of Accurate#9 - Out of 10 load made it fully cycled the slide once. 2- 9.8g - Out of 10 loads made it fully cycled the slide 6 times. 3- 10.0g - Out of 10 loads made it fully cycled the slide 10 times. At this point we started to get somewhere with a starting load, still very light load. 4- 10.2g - cycled 100%, felt much better but still not close to a factory load in feel 5- 10.4g - cycled 100%, Felt much closer to factory loads 6- 10.6g and 10.8g - cycled 100%. Feel comparable to factory loads, Couldn't feel to much difference between these 2 charge loads. I know I am in a grey area with using this powder. That's the reason I did as much research as possible and was able to come up with combo to start with. With going in .2g increments I would be able to watch out for signs of problems if they were to arise.
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I will be adding this to my mental and physical notes. I really need to get a chrono or find someone that has one that I can borrow. Right now I'm just working general plinking/ semi accurate loads with what I can get my hands on.(shooting within100yds) I am wanting to get into 2 and 3 gun competition sometime in the near future. Now with the lack of components available, I got to get what I can till things calm down. (whenever that will be) Thanks Guys Bryan
  10. I am getting into loading rifle, (been loading pistol for a couple years now) Well anyway. The only powder I have been able to get my hand on is the Alliant AR-Comp powder. Since neither one of my reloading manuals have anything on this powder, I went to Alliant website. Now they list a couple different bullet weight and what charges they used. Ok good starting point. He is where I run into another problem. Projectiles - The only ones I have been able to put my hands on is the Sierra Varminter 63gr SMP. I sent Alliant an email stating the issue I was having and if they could shed some light on this. The email I received back from Alliant. They told me was to take the bullet and powder weight and split it down the middle then reduce by 10% and work up from there if need be. This scared me a little. My question is. Is this a common practice when using odd weight bullets? I did this anyway. Here is what I came up with. What Alliant had listed on there site. 55g HPBT - 25.6gr 68g HPBT - 23.5gr The split in powder weight is 2.2gr's. Split the 2.2 in half and get 1.1gr's The split in bullet weight is 13g. So 61g bullet is in the middle. So with a little math, I came up with 61g bullet with 24.5gr's of AR-Comp. From there with a little more math I was able to come up with powder weight for each bullet, from there I reduced by 10%, thus giving me 22.5gr's of AR-Comp to start with. With the extra math I was able to get powder weight for the 63g bullet I have. What I came up with for the 63g bullet is 24.2gr's of AR-Comp. I reduced this by 10%, this gave me a starting load of 21.78. I round down to 21.5 to start. I did make up a couple round of ammo. I load 10rd's with 21.5gr, next load was 10rd's with 22.0gr, Next was 22.5gr, Next was 10rd's with 23.0gr and 23.5gr. Am I on the right track here? Rifle info - Daniel Defense M4 with a 18'' 1n7 twist barrel. All LC brass. Bullet OAL is 2.260 CCI SRP #400 Has anybody worked any load using this powder? If so what bullet and weight and charge weight? I sure hope you all can make out what I'm trying to say. If not let me know and I will do what I can to better explain. Thanks Bryan
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