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  1. Hey all, if you need help with any specific commands let me know. I had an interface going and hammered all the command out at the first of the year and wrote a small application to store load data into my database. I had all the interface right at 100% if I remember right but never did get around to the database portion due to excessive work loads. Some of the protocol is poorly written and I think I would have gone about it all in a different fashion (code on the prochrono) but it is what it is. Sending commands to get back the proper string data was a little crazy at first until I finally figured out you have to send certain commands in certain order then everything went very well. Richard
  2. rwskinner

    Post Up Your Dillon Order Dates Please

    I would be calling and asking about it. Seems odd everyone else is getting before you. My last 2 shipments I did not get any type of shipping notification. My charges actually showed up on my CC after I received my items. Odd. Richard
  3. Learn me something, with a handgun case, the case pushes the powder funnel all the way up until the powder bar runs out of stroke (fully open), then once the powder bar is wide open and doesn't move anymore then the powder funnel expands the case mouth some depending how you have it set. If he is flaring the mouth at all then you know the powder bar made it's full stroke, open. Knowing that, I do not see how having a loaded shell plate makes any difference. It hasn't made a difference anytime I manually pushed a case up on the powder die by hand. On a rifle case where you just adjust the powder die down until the bar makes a full stroke then I could see where it might make a difference. Am I understanding this incorrectly? Richard
  4. Same way I do it and I hadn't much of a variance. My loads are generally within 0.1 grains of each other when using Bullseye or H335. It varies a little more using ARComp. I have not noticed a difference when I actuate it by hand with the FS rod off versus running thru the shell plate and I always check it many times. Richard
  5. Allied Electronics has excellent pricing on the Akro bins believe it or not. Richard
  6. rwskinner

    Post Up Your Dillon Order Dates Please

    9mm Dies came in the mail today so that order is complete. 7-1/2 weeks. Dillon is standing by their 6-8 weeks and doing slightly better on some items. Richard
  7. rwskinner

    Post Up Your Dillon Order Dates Please

    A few small Dillon parts (Lock nuts and powder die) ordered from BE on 4/8 and received in the mail on 4/13. That's pretty darn good in my book!! Richard
  8. rwskinner

    Post Up Your Dillon Order Dates Please

    My 223 stuff came in about 5 weeks if I remember right but I ordered it all with a XL650 loaded. My 9 mm conversion stuff took around4-5 weeks except for the dies. I'm right at at 7 weeks for 9mm dies right now. Hopefully they ship in the next week or so. Everything is in high demand right now, but especially 9mm and 223. Funny, I thought 6 months ago everyone said reloading 9mm was a waste of time and energy Richard
  9. rwskinner

    Where to buy primers?

    Funny, I just now got a shipping notification from them as well. I don't know which order it is that is shipping but either way it's all good! Richard
  10. rwskinner

    Where to buy primers?

    What kind of primers? I've had CCI 400's on order from PVI and Brownells since December. Richard
  11. rwskinner

    AR COMP load data

    I've been using H335 and absolutely love how well it meters. It does slosh out and spill out the powder measure a little. My last batch of 223 I used some ARCOMP and it did okay but the powder wasn't measuring all that great. The variation didn't make as much difference as I thought. My target was 24.0 and my measure dumped anywhere from 23.9 to 24.2 grains. Out of 10 shots, the Extreme deviation was 30 and standard was 12 fps. I would expected more variation. These were Hornady 55gr V-Max and were averaging 3180 fps. At 24.0 grains, I'm slightly above the base of the neck. You sure aren't going to over load those by much without knowing it !! Richard
  12. rwskinner

    223 getting stuck in the chamber

    That is exactly what I did for awhile then I ended up with a plastic card sort of like a credit card. It hangs on the edge of the case good and doesn't scratch anything. Richard
  13. Here is a bone.... A little more info. It's of course all transmitted in Ascii Hex. Always starts with ":" : Starting char xx String Number xx Shot Number xx Command xx LRC of above byte excluding the ':' Each command is returned by either an ACK message, the data requested, or a Nack message. The data requested can be returned in several different formats depending on the command sent. Richard
  14. :000000037D - The 7D is the LRC Checksum Byte (Last two charaters). The reason it decrements is because your command is incrementing, and since the LRC is subtracted from 255, it's value gets smaller by 1 as your command increments by 1. Richard
  15. rwskinner

    Post Up Your Dillon Order Dates Please

    I got my FedEx notice today and was jumping from joy, until I found out it was everything except the dies. Waiting was never one of my strong points but I'm trying to contain myself. What else can one do? Seriously though, I was able to score 500 more rounds of 9mm that at least holds me over for awhile longer so that is a good thing!! It looks like some of you are getting your machines now and should be having fun setting them up. I'm still at the point that I love reloading as much as shooting but I'm sure that will eventually wear off as they say. For now, Too much fun !! Richard