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  1. Here is the most comprehensive I have found and used when I changed my trigger. I don't know if you've worked on one before, if not I highly recommend you put the frame inside a large zip bag while removing the sear cage and safety detent springs. Hope this helps.... http://www.olegnikitin.com/news/complete-disassembly-assembly-of-cz-75-sp-01-shadow
  2. ad5md

    124g Ammo

    Tnx for the reply. A buddy mentioned to me the "Chubbies" from Stand1 Armory, I hope there is someone who has tried it here
  3. ad5md

    124g Ammo

    This is the closest room in the forum that I can think of that will suit my question so I hope I'm right Having read that 147g rounds have some problem with the CZ75 SP01 Shadow I decided I'd try the 124g. I don't reload so I would like to read comments/suggestions as to which commercial brand works best on my pistol. I shoot USPSA by the way. I know for a fact the best answer would be to try, just looking at having a list to work on and decide which one to try. Thanks
  4. Planning on transitioning to th e 147g from 115g and would like to hear from those who use them for USPSA. Is the recoil reduction and faster sight return/acquisition significant? Anyone with experience using those "chubbies" from Stand1 Armory? Thanks
  5. I just received mine from Atibal after I sent a Strike Eagle for trade-in. Here is my observation.... - To my eyes (YMMV), the glass is better - Eye relief is a little more forgiving @ x8 - x1 looks more like x1.5 (not a big deal to me) - Turrets are tight and tactile - Diamond reticle is good and draws my eyes to the target - Reticle illumination is good....I'd say on a sunny day setting #8 worked fine for me - Optic finish is good, matte coating and I like that the turret cover are slim and the threads are brass Sighted-in @50 yds, shot plates @ 200 & 300yds using 55g factory ammo. The reticle hash marks are accurate on the mentioned distance. Do I like it better than the StrikeEagle? Yes. Am I happy with it? Yes....I got a x8 optic at no extra cost and a good one at that. Before I sent in mine for the trade-in I did the numbers. Vortex will come out with a x8 as well but I think the price will be in the range of $400-$475. If I sell the StrikeEagle, I'd say the most I will probably get is around $275 since obviously its value will go down. Not wanting to shell out anymore cash, I took the gamble and won. Bottom line, I'm happy and satisfied with it and yes, it came with a free lever!
  6. I just took out my disconnector, adjusted my over/pre-travel and that was it.
  7. Thanks for the relies guys, looks like Syracuse is out of business already. Decided to get one from Odin Works, let's see how it works
  8. JAustin316....is your Syrac the clamp-on type? Maybe you can PM me your source for the Superlative, help a brother in need lol. Tnx
  9. Tnx for the tip, still looking for a picture of one on the Shadow though
  10. Hmm...didn't thought about that! But did it drop right in?
  11. Has anyone tried using the Nitro Fin thumb rest (CZ, TANFO model) from Shooting Sports Innovation? I plan to get one for my SP01 Shadow and would like to hear from those that have used it. Need info as to whether it dropped in or needed modification. Perhaps a picture too. Thanks
  12. The inside diameter of the midwest industries hand guard is 1.3" uf I remember it right. Checked the Syrac website and looks like it is no longer working. I may have to measure it manually if I don't find info online.
  13. Planning to change my handguard to Midwest Ind G3 MLok freefloat LW, anyone here knows or tried if the clamp-on Syrac adj gas block will fit? Tnx
  14. Planning to change my handguard to Midwest Ind G3 MLok freefloat LW, anyone here knows or tried if the clamp-on Syrac adj gas block will fit? Tnx
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