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  1. elchupacabra, on quick inspection of the software and IMO it looks like the phone is waiting for some sort of command from the dlink to continue. If we knew this command(s) we maybe a step closer. Of course baud rate would also play a part.
  2. Tough call. I've asked CE for the commands sent to and from the BT unit and phone. We'll see if they respond! Apart from that, I think the only way is to get a unit and back engineer it. Anyone else have any other ideas to get it going on a DIY box???
  3. It didn't, now it does, having said that, I cant install it because it states 'This item cannot be installed in your device's country' A little strange! Does anyone have the APK file they could throw my way?
  4. It doesn't look like CED's app is available on the Australian app store for android or am I pushing the wrong buttons?
  5. I've managed to get the lite version done and working on my phone, but before running the program you must pair your Bluetooth device using the phones own Bluetooth pairing feature, then run the program and select the paired item. Once selected, it should say 'Connected successfully' after a few seconds, then press the 'Start' button and you should see the last shot in that string displayed on the screen, if not, something is wrong either with the compatibility of the app on that phone or a Bluetooth hardware issue. From here each shot fired through the ProChrono should be displayed on the phone. If any errors occur let me know and ill look at them in due course, also let me know your thoughts and any improvements you think would be good to add, this doesn't mean you'll get an upgrade anytime soon, but it will be something I'll work on slowly. I've also added a little extra feature Enjoy!!!! Main.zip
  6. I'd be quiet happy to post a Lite version for people to test, of cause I'd also be happy with a little remuneration as well! BUT THERE ARE A FEW PRECAUTIONS: 1. I'm not a software engineer, far from it. I do this in my own time as a hobby and its all self taught so it wont be perfect. 2. Its made for an Android OS only. I will not covert it to any other OS. 3. Its made for my phone, which is a HTC One XL - Resolutions are different on different phones, so no guarantees it will format correctly or even display at all. Hardware is different for different phones, no guarantees it will even boot. 4. A 'Lite Version' would only include speed, shot and string details. it will not save any information to the phone, one you exit the program, the data is gone from the phone, but it will still be on the ProChrono. It does not modify any data on the ProChrono. When installing the APK file it will ask to access certain hardware on your phone, this is out of my control. 5. Constructive criticism is welcomed - if your not sure, tell the hand brake (wife/gf/partner) and see if she appreciates it, if not, I'm sure i wont! I will help where I can. 6. Don't expect upgrades anytime soon 7. Bluetooth hardware is your responsibility 8. If your happy with the above then I'm happy to post the app once I have completed the Lite version - ETA unknown P.S I received and email back from CED. Details below. "Dear Sir, You will have to break the glue seal from around the outer case (the seam that separate the 2 halves) with something very sharp, like an exacto knife or box cutter. Remove the screw in the battery hatch area. Then you can pull apart the two halves of the case. When you put the chronograph back together make sure all of the parts are in their proper place and the 2 black sensor cases are strait up and down. If they are tilted the chronograph will not work."
  7. The only reason I like a phone app is that your carry less hardware around, if you can get the Bluetooth unit in the ProChrono there isn't any extra 'stuff' to take along with you, especially at the range. Nowadays every one has a phone which they take everywhere so I thought it was just a natural progression. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with making a remote/display from and Arduino unit, you may also want to try with PICAXE as they are relatively easy to use and you can program in a basic language. They are essentially a PIC chip with a pre-programed boot loader, this allows you to use there proprietary Basic software. FYI I have emailed CED in regards to getting the case open, I'm waiting for a response.
  8. Yeh I'm on the assumption that you'll need two Bluetooth units if you wanted to use the PC as a remote control. Also I don't know the intricacies of Bluetooth communications but I'm also assuming there would be some handshaking protocols going on?? You're right; it would be 2-way communication. In that case, you could use the Parani-UD100 USB Bluetooth adapter to pair with the Parani-ESD210, which would get you out to 30m minimum. I'm kinda liking the Parani-ESD210 as an option for mounting the Bluetooth module in the ProChrono Digital case since you can mount the antenna externally and not have to worry about how much interference the case introduce. Yeh that would be a good setup as the ESD210 is TTL levels from what I have read, the only draw back is that it's a 3.3V unit, you could probably get away with powering it on 5V but not a wise move for longevity. The SD1000 can take up to 12V, ideally 5V is best though, as 12V can generate a fair bit of heat when working hard. With regards to opening the Pro Chrono is there a trick to it as I have tried but it seems glued together. Am I missing something?
  9. Yeh I'm on the assumption that you'll need two Bluetooth units if you wanted to use the PC as a remote control. Also I don't know the intricacies of Bluetooth communications but I'm also assuming there would be some handshaking protocols going on??
  10. FYI I've manage to locate a nice Bluetooth adapter, the Parani-SD1000 by a company called SENA. The only issue is that it uses RS232 input voltages so there will need to be a conversion via MAX232 or similar chip to bring it too TTL levels for use with the Pro Chrono. The beauty of this unit is, one, it can be battery powered and two, it can communicate around 100m (line of site) with standard antenna or 1km with a higher gain antenna (over kill), of course you will need another unit connected to your PC to achieve these distances, as a standard phone or PC Bluetooth is only good for about 10m
  11. This may also help a few people, assuming you don't already have it. I did find a few errors in the document so be aware. Chrono Remote port protocol.pdf
  12. I used two programs for writing the code, App inventor and again in a program called Basic4Android (B4A). App inventor is a web based software package that Google designed and has since handballed it over to MIT to look after. B4A is very easy to use, but the biggest let down is the GUI interface setup, needs a bit of work from MIT's end. There is no 'code' as such, more like blocks that you interlink together to form a routine. Basic4Android is another program with a lot more power and flexibility, very similar too Visual Basic, in fact if you know VB you'll have no issues with B4A, but like VB you need to physically write the code in B4A. B4A also has a neat debugging feature that you can use to verify data to and fro, when talking to the BT module. So far I've tried with a few android phones and all seem to work well, but you must make sure the drivers are installed for you particular phone or you'll end up putting the phone through your monitor trying to get it to work with the software!! At the moment I haven't got a routine to check the checksum and I think that's 90% of my problem, like everything else this projected has taken a back seat, when I get motivated ill try and suss out the issues.
  13. For all that are interested, I’ve managed to create an android app and via Bluetooth control the Chrono via a smart phone. Transmitting to the Chrono works fine, that is, remote control, still having a few issues with receiving some data, I think it’s a timing issues with receiving the larger commands. I’m still working on it. If anyone wants any info let me know and I’ll try and organise something.
  14. Hi Guys, firstly I'd just like to say a great forum and secondly im curious to try and bluetooth the Prochrono to my Android phone upon which i'll write custom software for, this means no wires and i can create a remote via software on the phone. In theory this should give me about a 10m range, limited by the phones bluethooth. Am i correct in saying that the Prochrono is a TTL output? If so i can convert it to RS232 via a chip, then in theory connect it to a bluetooth dongle? Any idea's, suggestions please let me know, Thanks?
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