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  1. I had a couple bad batches of Winchester primers over the last few years which caused my 650 to act up and my primers were not seating as consistently. It seems to me the CCI and Federal primers are easier to seat. I have had no issues since switching.
  2. This and N320 are my go to powders. I have not seen Solo1000 on the shelf since 2013 though.
  3. Pull a bullet and measure at/below the crimp line, if it's less than .356 you are resizing the bullet with too much crimp. Also measure a loaded round at the case mouth. As others stated you should be .377, I run .378 with no issues with set back or case gauging. Also case gauge EVERY round just to be certain that is not playing into this issue. Your OAL of 1.14-1.15 may be short enough but maybe not. In my Shadow I have to run ACME 124's at 1.060". Your max oal's seem overly long to me but it is possible I guess. As as far as cleaning. I go thousands of rounds before seeing issues. Also why Copper Remover? You are only shooting lead bullets.
  4. Thanks for the info IDescribe. I have been fairly bad about records of loads since I have stuck with one or two combinations for the most part. I tried the acme last year and had great results. I was just concerned my chrono velocities may be off due to compressed powder not knowing exact dimensions of the old model bullet.
  5. I went from 1.112 with the old profile to 1.067 with the new profile in my Cz. My only concern is the higher possibility of compressed loads with some powders. I do not have any of the old profile left to compare to. I have not shot them yet to compare but the old style were the best coated bullet I have used.
  6. Use enough bell to prevent shaving the coating and crimp to .377 or .378. Have not had any issue with set back or with the case gauge.
  7. Yes shell latch was removed and iits all in correctly. Everything is the same now as it was before it was completely gone through looking to see what the problem may be. These issues have occurred from day one. Even with 3" full power waterfowl loads, just not as frequently.
  8. Thanks, I will try and compress the spring. I may just end up sending it to benelli if that don't help. The guy that initially took it apart didn't see anything he thought was out of the ordinary and when I compared to the other 2 sbe2's I really didn't either except the shell latch being stiffer really.
  9. The tab I referred to was the lip of the shell release that keeps the round in magazine. This is only a year old. Had not been stripped once. These issues have been from day one. I had the dealer take everything apart and check it and replace the recoil spring. I have a few benellis I had to double check all parts and alignment. This one feels and looks totally different in the operation and of the bolt release/ shell stop. It is pushed out further than the other 3 guns. Would trying a new shell stop spring or clipping the existing be advised or should it be sent in?
  10. Would that possibly be the cause of the issue? Last night out of 10 rounds only one cycled. I had to pull back bolt to get rest of rounds chambered. Also when I had the gun in the Swamp the first couple times if I bumped the but of the gun on the boat a shell would come out of the magazine.
  11. I can see where the rim of shell must be rubbing the receiver. Also seems to rub at 2 points at the shell catch lip and near where the shell latch spring pushes against the shell latch. The wear from the rim rubbing extends all the way to the rear most portion of the shell latch.
  12. So I had a chance to look at the gun and it seems as if the spring that pushes against the bolt release is so long or stiff my lifter doesn't always flip when the tab is pressed. I have noticed from day one that it has been super hard to push in the bolt release. That is the only thing that looked out of the ordinary. Would that explain anything?
  13. Thanks trapr! Thats the advice I was hoping for. I will check it all ovrer tomorrow when I can and post back my findings. This has been an issue from the day it was new. I just tried the recoil spring since that made most sense to me anyway. The gun is a year old and all stock yet. Wasn't going to modify it unless it ran flawless.
  14. Yeah my other sbe2 runs anything too. Only difference is ones a 24" ones a 26". I just figured a lighter recoil spring would help but it didn't.
  15. Ok I got ya. I did go through everything and cleaned it. All looks good.
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