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  1. Hi forum! I am looking to upgrade to an STI Edge but I was talking to Dawson Precision and they said it would be a few months wait....Bummer. My question is this, "Are all 2011 magazines interchangeable?" The guy I talked to said as far as he knew STI was way, way behind (as in, no expected shipping date behind) manufacturing magazines and if I order a gun it only come with 1 mag. I know with all the mess going on with the hoarders stuff is hard to come by.. Are aftermarket mags a possibility? Should I start looking for aftermarket mags or just pony up and order the STI mags and wait for them to show up? If I have to wait for STI mags I may not be using this pistol for competition this year..... that would suck considering the investment...... Any help or guidance would be great! Also, if you have an opinion on weather you would go .40 or 9mm if you feel chatty...... I have all the gear for reloading 9mm or .40...... I'm leaning 9mm since that is what I shoot most of now...... Thanks.
  2. Lots of good info here. I am another new shooter, got to shoot one Steel Challenge last year and one USPSA match. Maybe it is the way our clubs steel is mounted but I learned that listening for the hit will not work. I shot more than one stage where I hit dead center of the plate but wound up wasting 2 or 3 extra shots because when I hit close to center, the plate had almost no sound to it. Some targets I actually hit 3 times but didn't catch it til I launched the third shot. The RO would laugh and say your shooting well but stop listening for the ring! My eyes were moving so I didn't clearly see the hit and when my ears didn't hear it I would react immediately pulling back and shooting at the plate again. The first time I did it the RO laughed and said "There no bonus if you hit it more than once...." So now I am working on learning as much as possible.....that is what lead me here!
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