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Found 7 results

  1. I recently acquired an STI Edge to tide me over until my SVI gets ready and then it will be a backup. I am currently shooting a CZ TS, but wanted a backup that would not require different OAL ammo than primary. I have 5 mags. Do you think that is sufficient for a match and unforeseen circumstances? One possible reason I can think of having more is never having to use a mag I drop later in the match. If you recommend getting more, whose body, guts and pads? There seems to be tons of choices. STI or MBX for the body. TTI, MBX, Grams etc. for the guts and pads. Not having owned a true 2011 before I have no idea about pros and cons of various vendors. Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm getting ready to ream the throat of my STI Edge's barrel for some longer rounds... Wondering if there is a bench block that would hold the tapered barrel of the STI Edge better... Seems like the STI Edge is popular enough that someone should have a good bench block that would hold the barrel more securely for the throating operation...
  3. Good news is my dry fire practice has produced a higher grip on my STI Edge (it's a CRP model I bought new from Dawson in 2012). The cut occurs on my right hand at the base of my thumb where it merges with the web of my hand. The rear edge of the left thumb safety that is close to the beaver tail is chewing into this portion of my thumb (I'm a right handed shooter). After consulting with dozens of engineers and spending countless dollars in research (sarcasm); I've deployed the highly technical solution of placing a band-aide over the cut. That said, looking to see if any of you have experienced this issue; if so, what solution did you deploy (an exotic option like SV Infinity grip, different thumb safety, simple solution like sanding down the edge)? Thanks for reading! Will
  4. What is the standard hammer spring weight for an new STI Edge 40S&W? Several old BEnos threads say that a new STI Edge 40 comes with a 21 pound hammer spring. That sounds pretty heavy to me. Do new STI Edge 40's still come with a 21 pound hammer spring? What hammer spring weight do most people use on an Edge that is going to shoot major in USPSA's Limited division? My plan is to shoot 180gr Bayou bullets. I'm more familiar with DA/SA CZ Shadows where the main/hammer spring affects the trigger pull weight of the first double action shot. Seems like the hammer spring functions more closely with the guide rod spring in a single action 1911/2011. I'm eliminating the STI recoil master setup. My plan is to decide on an initial hammer spring weight and then try several different guide rod springs to find a good match.
  5. Hi forum! I am looking to upgrade to an STI Edge but I was talking to Dawson Precision and they said it would be a few months wait....Bummer. My question is this, "Are all 2011 magazines interchangeable?" The guy I talked to said as far as he knew STI was way, way behind (as in, no expected shipping date behind) manufacturing magazines and if I order a gun it only come with 1 mag. I know with all the mess going on with the hoarders stuff is hard to come by.. Are aftermarket mags a possibility? Should I start looking for aftermarket mags or just pony up and order the STI mags and wait for them to show up? If I have to wait for STI mags I may not be using this pistol for competition this year..... that would suck considering the investment...... Any help or guidance would be great! Also, if you have an opinion on weather you would go .40 or 9mm if you feel chatty...... I have all the gear for reloading 9mm or .40...... I'm leaning 9mm since that is what I shoot most of now...... Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, hopefully someone can help me with this. I have a relatively new STI Edge .40 I purchased through Brazos Gunworks, one of his HP Edges. After shooting it some (roughly 300 rounds) I have determined I don't care for the feel of the STI Recoil Master, and opted for SVI SS Guide Rod, wasn't sure what weights to get, so I got a couple 14-16, these might be a bit high for the 40s&w but let's go with this anyways. I installed the new guide rod and just cycling the pistol with my hands it has the feel I'm looking for, but it will hang up on something inside on the slides most rearward travel, and it will hold it there. no mag in and the mag release isn't the culprit. A slight tap with the palm of my hand moves the slide forward just like it should, it feels as if there is a slight binding on something inside, this didn't happen with the Recoil Master, so I am guessing it has something to do with the new guide rod, reverse plug or the springs. I ordered these off SVI's website and being the edge is a 5" model I order government length springs. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. I ordered a CRP STI Edge in 40 from Dawson last Friday, they said they were planning on getting some at the end of this week and then it would take about a week for them to "CRP" it but man....... this waiting is killing me!! I can't remember ever being so excited to get anything, it is going to be awesome going from a Glock 35 to the Edge!
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