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  1. Thanks eerw. Couple of questions.. 1. Besides the night sites, is there any difference between the shadow and night shadow? 2. What would a "shadow" cost? and availability? 3. Since I can't use those night sights, would you give credit towards a set of competition sights? I just don't' want to pay for night sights that end up sitting in the drawer.
  2. Couple of questions on the SP-01 night shadow.. 1. Will the night sights work on my P-01? I would remove the NS from the night shadow and install on my P-01 and get competition sights for the night shadow 2. Is the trigger reset stock? This does not have the SRS, correct? 3. The grips are standard rubber? Thanks!
  3. I don't plan on making changes yet to the SSP legal G 17 yet. I was going to get a couple of things to try out tho. And if I did like it.. just wanted to be classified already. Oh well.. I guess I'll sign up for two classifiers!
  4. I'm using a Glock 17 in SSP right now. When I go to classify in SSP, can I just use the same score to classify in ESP? I understand the same run might put me in MM in one devision, and SS in another. Or do I need to do separate runs? Even if they are on the same day? Why? If I do want to upgrade something later that puts in ESP, then I'm set for then. In our area.. most classifiers are early in the season.. trying to find one later not so easy. Thanks!
  5. Looking at getting a magwell for my TGO. I have a couple questions.. 1. Since all my current mags have the standard type baseplates, I'll get the GAP magwell? 2. Why do people go with the No GAP magwells? Is it faster? 3. With the magwell, will my stock Springfield and Wilson 47D mags work? 4. If I decide later to get all new No Gap baseplates for my magazines, all I have to do is change the insert? Thanks!
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