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  1. What I'm saying is the bolt lockup time, due to the lighter power factor, wasn't returning the bolt back to battery fast enough with the setup I initially had. It was a 308 Rifle spring and blitzkrieg non HD buffer. That combination and my barrel / comp combination was creating a long lockup and long travel time. It's not because I was too fast, but rather my setup was not optimized. If I was running 140+ power factor on that setup, I would have definitely not outran it. I *definitely* can't split faster than full auto
  2. Why? I'm not bragging by no means, but the first day I got my PCC, I took it straight to a match with no tested load. I found myself waiting for the bolt to cycle back into battery when trying to run the gun through the stages. When I chrono'd, I was 129 PF, which was definitely way too slow for my setup on day one. I didn't have a short stroke kit installed either.
  3. So I just received the factory JP Short stroke buffer scs ........ No dry fire yet, but I realized that yes, while it is "short stroke", it's definitely not as short as the blitz with PCC weight. I wonder if a 135 power factor load will be sufficient with the buffer or if I should have a 142 power factor load so the lockup time is faster.
  4. Hey guys, kind of side tracked....but quick update regarding my buffer. They made a new redesign of the buffer since my gen that includes two set screws now instead of one at the piston head. Brian is a good dude and sent out the new buffers today. Excellent customer service!!
  5. Brand new. Three matches. A little under 500 for both.
  6. Can you please PM me the number? I tried calling three times today and nothing. And to make it worse, both of my blitzkrieg buffers broke today. The piston heads both came off..... I took a look at it and it seems like there is still red loctite on the set screw, so I didn't bother messing with it. But the fact that this happened makes me hard pass on replacing this buffer and instead going with the JP SCS-SS https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=AR15-KYNJP-9C This is what I ordered.
  7. Yeah. I have the weight. It reduces lockup time significantly and it definitely short strokes haha. I guess I gotta chrono and actually find the real and non theory crafted FPS. The only real FPS data I have was 3.4-3.6gr GM3, which had a high of 131 PF and a low of 127PF. I bumped up the powder to 4.4 and I was around 137 PF. I'm currently on a 4.6-4.8gr load but I have no actual FPS data. I'm wondering if I should switch to 124gr if I'm bumping it up this hot.
  8. Right? That's what I was thinking. But I had a 132PF load that I tested that felt so damn good, but I only had 50 of them so I don't know if it would be "hot" enough under extreme rapid fire to run reliably. I will be testing that today. I have played a lot with the JP Supermatch barrel. N320 is definitely the recommended powder for this barrel. I'm sure you have your baseline data, but if not, 3.6 grain will be a great starting point on your load. Please report back when you can regarding which setup feels the best. Just curious, why aren't you short stroking? JP just released a newly refined SCS-SS system that is supposed to be the best in the market. Not being a dick or anything here, but why 124 over 115? That was my dilemma for the months leading up to my delivery of the PCC. I decided with 115gr RN and so far so good, but I also have a couple 124gr loads that I will be trying today. (4.7gr gm3, 124gr jhp, 1.135 OAL) Blitz released a new spacer that goes in front of the buffer (direct contact with the bolt). I've been using it and it's been alright so far. I am waiting for JP to ship me their new SCS-SS so I have a comparison. Though, I feel like I really need to load much hotter due to the heavy ass spring on this blitz setup vs the JP setup. I'm also not sure if I wanna commit to hydraulic vs non hydraulic yet. You called them and they answered?! wtf? I've been calling them and leaving them VMs for days. No replies back. Maybe they hate me already? The new HD buffer is not short stroke. I have the new HD buffer and there were no options for a short stroked HD buffer. How can you tell the difference between 5015 / 5007 springs? I've been trying to reach out to them to see which spring I have with my kit but I haven't gotten a reply back in over a week.
  9. Hello. I have some questions. When going through load development phase and short stroke buffers, what's the general idea behind PF ? I'm running a short stroked blitz PCC buffer system and running 141 PF (10.5 inch barrel, 6 inch comp). Is my goal to lessen the PF on a short stroke or raise the PF on short stroke? I haven't tried the JP scs-ss yet, but it's my next plan. I understand that the blitz spring is a little on the heavier side (compared to JP's short stroke) so I was curious if a heavier spring requires higher PF. I hope I've given enough information to help answer my question. Thanks!
  10. Here is my build list so far. Please critique and comment as necessary to provide better insight! - Dillon XL650 (9mm, 38 super) - 9MM carbide die set - 650 casefeeder small pistol - 1 inch bench wrench - x8 small pickup tubes - Primer flip tray - 650 spare parts kit - Handle with aluminum roller - 650 machine mount - Bullet Tray Kit - 650 conversion for 10mm/40SW - Carbide Die set 10/40 - XL650 Quickchange x2 (will ask about this later) - Casefeeder plate large pistol - Carbide Die Set 38 Super - x3 XL650/1050 powder check system - Dillon Dial Caliper - D terminator scale - Small Media Separator - Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler / dehydrator / media separator - Corn Cob Media (10lb) - Brass polish 290 - XL650 Toolhead How does the list look so far? My questions are: - Would I need to get the XL650 quickchange if I'm gonna do a toolhead setup with powder drops? - What would be the best way to optimize the build? - I want to make changing between calibers as easy as possible. Would this setup be the best way? I picked the XL650 over the 1050 due to lifetime warranty. Eventually I would like to load 45ACP and 44 mag as well. Thanks for the help!
  11. Hello. I just recently purchased a 44mag 629 V Comp PC and I cannot find any worthy drop leg holster after a day of searching. I also cannot find any good speedloaders and pouches to go along with it. I'd prefer a molle attachment for the speedloader pouch. I ran across speedbeez but I can't find any pouches that would fit in there. This will be for a hunting setup, which is why I want a molle attachment and drop leg aspect. What are some popular setups these days? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Great information! Thanks! Thanks! I just read it. Seems to me that barrel cleaning is a marketing myth. Thanks! My next investment is to get the Mrs to buy me a bore guide and rod Yeah. Essentially bone stock. http://imgur.com/0Xr9HkY Eventually I'm going with a custom build using a Bartlein barrel and deviant action.
  13. Hello. I would like to break in my r700 in .308 and have a few questions. A lot of people swear by the shoot 1 clean 1 ladder method. Is this necessary? One of my friends are saying that I don't need to do that at all. Other people say shoot 3 for a group, then clean. What about boresnake? People say not to use this and to use a real cleaning brush. I'm so lost with how I should break it in. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  14. Thank you!! Thank you! I just need to get a little better at my controlled pairs ! That stage for me took i think it was 27 seconds because I was shooting slow when it could have been 17 seconds .
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