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  1. Do I need the complete kit or just the trigger
  2. Which trigger will actually reduce trigger pull weight. I tried an apex flat trigger with no improvement. Anyone have a suggestion. Thanks
  3. Appreciate the offer but have decided that 4.2 grains is probably way over the limit so I've decided to dump these rounds and start over.
  4. My kimber ultra can't digest any plated flat points greater than 1.036. If I go past that length the bullet sticks in the barrel. Since I don't have a chrono i'm looking for a safe load to use for such a short bullet. I've been using TG for many years and I like the way it meters in my xl650. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Biy the micrometer adapter for you 550 charge bar. You can get down to tenths of a grain. Also lets you record micrometer reading for future loads you call also keep a spread sheet of how each load functions
  6. DP tritium of out stock with no projected status. Any other options. Thanks
  7. I have a loaded SA 1911 with stock rear adjustable target rear sight and a front solid black sight. I want to replace the front sight with a high visibility front sight. I chose tritium since it looks to be a better choice for indoor range shooting. The front sight measures .130 tall by .125 wide. Where can I get a suitable replacement in Tritium? Thanks
  8. Need to improve sight picture but want to stay under $100. Opticsplanet is selling the Mepro sights for $75. Are they a good choice for a beginner? I am just starting to get into target practice. Thanks
  9. Went with the Beretta mag plates in rubber. Real PITA to install but enhances grip. Got a pair for $9.00
  10. Having intermittent FTE's with 115gr CCI 3509. Decided to replace recoil spring and hammer spring. Went with 12# recoil and 15# hammer. Anything other recommendations? Thanks
  11. Got a CZ75B, G19, and a P228. Just starting to learn. Both the CZ and the P228 are my target pistols. Can shoot the daylights out of the P228. But still having sight issues with the CZ.
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