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  1. Ian_

    Squib question?

    That lock out is pretty cool! I buy supplies from a commercial reloader and his machines have similar. I'll have to read more on it. I know where my squibs came from, Winchester brass with sticky primers! Sometimes takes me 3 or 4 or more passes in the deprime to get the factory primers out. Which means I have to pull shells out and get out of sequence (Dillon 550b) and then when it all gets going again I'm not paying enough attention. All my fault, time to pay better attention! I have seen folks that mount a small flash light to shine right in the shell so that powder level is very visible, may do that. I also use a high volume powder, so more evidence I'm to blame. Appreciate all the feedback, not sure if I'm more at ease or freaked out! Very best, Ian
  2. Ian_

    Squib question?

    I've had a grand total of 2 squibs. Being new to pistol, I'm just trying to be a little extra safe. Not sure how it will work in competition, but if I get a failure to cycle, I will be doing a barrel check, safe keeps me typing with two hands! Very best, Ian
  3. Is it possible to have a squib and have the slide cycle? or will you always have to manually eject the empty casing as the second tell (the first being the bloop sound)? Very best, ian
  4. Back from a morning at the range.... Tried some of the ideas mentioned.... First off I did a series of dot torture using my reading glasses, left eye closed, right eye open. I don't want to play the tape games on my reading glasses as I wear them all day long. I'm typically low and left (G34) with this only being the third time I've done the dot torture...obviously lots of learning ahead of me! Then I played around with using only my left eye, tried it both eyes open, right eye closed. I found trying both eyes open difficult, basically the sight picture seemed to move around. Could be a practice thing? I seemed to settle into right eye closed, head turned to the side and I shot fine, didn't feel too unnatural, but I did have issues with a 10 yard steel target. 5 yards fine, and 3 yard dot torture O.K, So for comparison, here is a dot torture I did after 200 rounds, left eye only, right eye closed... And to really give me an idea I shot for group at 3yrds..the target top is where the staple is, so low and left with 2 jerked shots...yes I'm still learning the glock trigger..well still learning... So the questions I'm left with are.... 1. Is learning the left eye both eyes open "the way to go"? 2. Should I stay with what I know and just tape the left eye? 3. Should I tape the right eye to get a clearer sight picture from my dominate eye? 4. Will all this be moot in a pressure/stress situation and haunt me? Thoughts? Very best, Ian
  5. I won't have range time till the weekend where I plan to try the left eye focus and see. New lenses are being made so that will help too... Regret we all have it...I was partially ambedextrious when I was younger, could hit and swing both ways and can still do stuff left handed that most one handed folks can't, but I find I have ingrained muscle memory that is getting harder and harder all the time to change, guess that's part of getting old? I know switching for Shotgun and rifle just isn't going to happen. I will experiment with the handgun though. Luckily I stumbled on a great teacher here and so help is around if I need it. Thanks for all the help! Ian
  6. Thanks for the comments all, next trip out to the range, I'll try the obvious (that I missed) and simple try using my left eye. Braxton, sounds like we both have very average head sizes (wink), I have Decots right now, wide frame and can get them in any prescription I want, even bifocals and upside down bifocals (they recommend for some pistol shooting situations, but I'm not there yet). I can then play with and without the blur patches and figure things out...I do then of course remove excuses for poor performance.. Very best, Ian
  7. Reasonably new to pistol shooting, have been shotgunning my whole life (25+ yrs). I am left eye dominate, right handed. With my shotgun, I simple put a blur patch on my shooting glasses and shoot with two eyes open, works great! I recently discovered that with the present state of my vision and the different sighting requirements of the handgun, I need to wear my reading glasses to shoot the pistol well. As you may have guessed, my reading glasses do not have a blur patch on them, nor are they safety glass or of a good size to fully protect my eyes. I plan on ordering some new lenses for my shooting glasses with a prescription in them, so that solves part of the problem, is a blur patch the best option with a pistol? I find with my reading glasses I have to close my left eye. Thoughts? beyond the obvious of learning to shoot left handed.. Very best, Ian
  8. Thanks Shooterready! I just finished a full strip and clean and finally got around to doing the 25 cent trigger job. After reassembly, no click....little harder pull and click...ahhh been here before. Strip reassemble to make sure I didn't miss anything, same... I take a wisper off the OT stop on the connector, put it all back togehter and voila nice click once again. So my deduction from your insight is that I was right on the edge with the OT stop, something about shooting on the rest caused it to be on the heavy side. It'll be a couple of weeks before I get to shoot it rested again, but tomorrow I'm off to my first shooting clinic where it'll get a good workout! Very best, Ian
  9. Ian_

    Sight combination

    Not all FO's are the same, I had a tru-glo and now have a warren tactical, the size difference is dramatic between the two, the warren is more precise feeling with a .20 rod that you can somewhat adjust the size of the dot by how big of blob you create, whereas the tru-glo is around 1/8". The taller, cleaner post of the warren also feels better.easier to pick up Very best, Ian
  10. the force to pull the trigger, rested only, increases dramatically. When i installed the second rocket I did it with the owner of the company on the phone and finished at the point where it broke. This has only happened when shooting from a rest.
  11. Wondering if single loading with an extra "dry rack" or two may be needed? I was just shooting to check out the group with new sights, normally the bench just holds my gear!
  12. Dawson or Heinie sells a special front sight you use to figure out the height you need, maybe the ticket for you and then when you know you can order the right one.
  13. I did the rocket, works fine freestyle has over a 1000rounds on it. Wondering if something like the limpwrist I've heard about or if the spongey rest is interfering with the reset? I did some shot with just the mag on a support and it worked fine, kinda hard on the hands though...
  14. Second time I've tried shooting my g34 from a rest and found that the trigger pull went through the roof, any ideas? I'm totally perplexed... Details... The "rest" was homemade type at the club with a soft foam top covered in fabric. I held the gun a number of different ways (is there a right way?), had the issue on and off. Was shooting berrys 124's RN around 1000-1100 (haven't chrono'd). I have a ghost rocket connector installed, otherwise stock. Thoughts? Ian
  15. Thanks Cha-Lee and Ralphs for the replys... My question was originally about the shape as viewed from behind, that is square, rounded corners, "wavy' (warren tactical) etc, I had not considered notch shape, so I guess there are 2 components there to consider. I'm pretty new to pistol shooting and still figuring stuff out, the blur is something I forgot, or forget about. Very best, Ian
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