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  1. That’s how I always looked at it. Also your primer pockets get stuffed with media.
  2. taptap, yep we got a disagreement, except that "most people" will have to work harder to be as competitive with speedloader guns. It is just a longer learning curve. And "IF" you are luckiy enough to get a lot of guys classified in the same class, moonclipped or not one will be competitive in that class. You don't have to have a moonclipped 45 to have fun and compete. I am trying my 45 at major to see if I can move up a little. So far it has been a wash for me, But I am still learning. later rdd LOL Well, I did predict this. It sounds like you are saying you can still have fun b
  3. I’m sure there will be some disagreement but I can’t imagine that most people could be completive with a non-moon clip setup when competing against those that have it. I am just getting started with my 4” 646 but I can see that I am going to really like this setup. I had a 610 and liked it but I felt it was unnecessarily heavy.
  4. I had to long load to get my 10 round Tripp mags to function in my 40 STI (at Tripp’s’ suggestion) It helped but were still unreliable when fully loaded. I had to switch to the 9 rounders and load them only to 8.
  5. I took my wife to a match last fall with a similar issue. She was simply a spectator. She got "fragged" pretty good, drew blood at her shoulder. You can never be too careful.
  6. Hi guys. I just finished Brian's book and I'm very happy to find this site. I started shooting action pistol 1 year ago and now that the snow is going away here I'm ready to get at it again. I am lucky to have the space to build a range to practice right in my back yard. I'm going to try and tap some of you for some suggestions on how I might set things up and what I might need. I do collect a little (my wife would say that "a little" is an understatement), mostly older stuff and I also reload. Thanks for having me, Mike
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