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  1. All of the info about compressed powder charges is accurate but with Bullseye you wont have compressed loads with normal charge weights and seating depths so that wont be an issue with your load. To specifically address the original question about the .040 difference OAL I would refer to my Speer manual for the 38 Spl. The loads for a 158 lead bullet are listed as one set of loads for a SWC and a LSWC and a LRN. These each have a different OAL from 1.440 to 1.510 giving a difference of .070 inch but yet they use the same data. The point is that all bullets don't result in the same OAL even
  2. Full frame readers are what I use. I first tried 1.25 and that will work but it does make the targets slightly fuzzy. That is what I used until I found a pair of 1.00 full frames at Walmart. That is what I shoot with now and the fuzziness at distance is barely detectable. A friend of mine that wears glasses tried the 1.00's and bought himself a pair. I've noticed that my eyes are worse in the morning and get better as the day goes on. 1.25's in the morning are just about perfect and have little fuzziness at distance but in the afternoon the fuzziness is noticeable but useable.
  3. I think it's important to be a little more systematic than just try to shoot stuff as fast as you can. Pro football players don't just go out and play football. They break down the skills needed to play their position and drill those skills in isolation, and then string together multiple skills before ever trying to do it in a simulated play. In shooting, it's probably a good idea for newer shooters to spend some time just working on trigger pull while looking at the sights, without any targets to distract you (white wall fundamentals). Single pulls, (in SA and DA if you shoot that type of gun
  4. What Mat said. Being a beginning competition shooter myself I am particularly interested in threads like this. I have a lot of experience at slow and accurate fire but that does not mean that I can merely go as fast as I can and I will get better. When I tried this I quickly lost my trigger pull and was jerking shots really low and left. To continue jerking the trigger for many shots would just ingrain poor trigger control into my shooting. I have since backed off and I'm learning to go at a speed that I can get hits and pushing that speed a little at a time. This has improved my times quite
  5. Hi, I've been lurking here for a few weeks and since I just received my USPSA membership packet in the mail today I thought it might be time to introduce myself. I'm Jeff and my New Years Resolution this year was to get started in USPSA. I've wanted to start for quite awhile but something always delays it. I was going to start with the January match in Little Rock but it was rained out and it looks like the match next weekend might get some rain also. In other words I haven't shot any matches yet but I have been practicing with my single stack for about 4 weeks. I have been surfing the w
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