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  1. Just got 10 of these and they are a huge improvement over our 7" Fires. Bad thing is that you are limited to buying only 2 tablets. 4 squads used them for a 6 stage match on a 24F day. The lowest charge on a returned tablet was 57% (~4 1/2 hr match). You can have 16 targets on screen at once! Bob
  2. Quick test at home. Definitely a routing issue. Home router (LinkSys). Synch works both ways. Using the same TP Link pocket router I tried at the range makes Chromebook "invisible" to other devices. Chromebook sees other devices, but they can not find Chromebook. Main router in Stat Shack is TP-Link too. External 10 db gain onmi on the roof.
  3. Bought a new Chromebook to replace our old Android Master tablet. PractiScore seamed to work perfectly....at home. Pulled the 6 stages built from tablet (ipad) that setup crew used the day before. Entered 61 shooters normally. Could not Synch (registration) from New Master to any other device. Nobody could see New Master. It was "invisable"! Tried re-booting router and even tried our pocket router. Had to register everyone again in setup ipad...one at a time....while 61 people waited. Any ideas on why the "Master" could see squad tablets, but not vice-versa?
  4. Thanks euxx! I love you, man. I was about to resort to re-keying in 54 shooters scores. Stages Merged fine! Prost, to Multi-Select! Bob
  5. We issue a tablet to each squad. I inadvertently missed adding the Classifier when building stages in our Master device. We didn't notice this until after all squads had finished their first stage. Instead of adding Classifier in Master, I 4-wheeled around to the other tablets and added the classifier through the drop down database. Big mistake. When syncing the 7 devices to the Master, I have 14 stages instead of the expected 8! Classifier from each did not merge squads. Is there a way to fix this? Bob
  6. "Catch and Warn" would have saved us from grief at our last 3 gun match! Bob
  7. Howdy!, I don't know why we ended up under the Special match category, but we were indeed the MO Sectional Championship. I dropped a check for $508 for the 127 competitors that shot the Level II match. The full name was MO Fall Classic Missouri Sectional Championship...but that wouldn't fit on our shirts ;-) Bob Delp (Stage 10 Gun Ports CRO) COPS
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