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  1. Yup it does matter i guess plated is better options?
  2. Anyone tried blue bullets for 9mm pcc?
  3. Fesh 16" rdb Zeroed scope using factory prime ammo.then shot PD hp both 115 and 124 Its pretty abvious barrel likes the lighter 115 better? Do you guys see anything interesting with the groups? Which load should i re test and maybe tweak a little. They were all loaded using progressive LNL All at 50 yards using scope
  4. How much will affect accuracy?
  5. Yes but it also a process that hardened a steel..chrome moly is even harder than stainless.
  6. Heres a follow up looks after 100rds today...
  7. With chrome moly salt bath nirited barrel? I highly doubt that unless barrel was orange heated
  8. I pinned it myself.. It was timed and contour by my smith Brake
  9. Hmmm i tried jb compound even soak it with hoppes 9 Scrubbed it with boy copper wrapped on bronze brush..the ring got larger in width? Is it possible that ring is a exposed barrel steel.from nitrited coat bore?
  10. I myt switch to blue bullets or any full coated lead from now on
  11. IMO its the brake that causing it..the pressure behind the bullets before leaving muzzle..once hitting muzzle brake wall its the ring of pressure/fire including carbon and left over residue ie. Melted lead? Its the only explanation i could come up with lol Like how suppressors got dirty?
  12. Its not handgun..its PCC 14.5" with brake I wanna go back for more load dev. Should i completely remove lead before anything? What solvent can i use?
  13. I wanna go back for more load dev. Should i completely remove lead before anything? What solvent can i use?
  14. Ive only been shooting jacketed with my cmmg 9mm pcc..with rear lead exposed i was told that these are leads. Close to the muzzle end How do i get rid of it??
  15. These looks like https://brekkecustom.com/index.php/product/pcc-compxtension-6/ I got their 6" on order arriving today
  16. So everyone already purchased the 3 horizontal port and sales on them slows down..why dont we come out with another brake 3 vertical..and people will buy it again..really JP?
  17. I got 14.5 pinned brake and plenty n350 and would like to hear it too
  18. I do have 4lb of n330 im thinking getting more powder to try.maybe power pistol or w231?
  19. So if open COMPENSATED gun works better with slower burning rate powder (n350) vs limited which normally faster power n320 etc. Does this mean a compensated 9mm pcc say 8-14" barrel should work better with slower powder or the other way around? I normally see load for pcc with med to faster powder
  20. For us do prs shooting on bolt gun balanced rig to spot your hit/miss is very important..and we start by getting the rifle stable center mass for barricades shooting.. On AR/gas how do we determine if our rifle is in good balance? Or we just go by tuning to our preference
  21. I got 4lb of 330 have you tried them before?
  22. Im pretty sure barrel length will play pretty big rule...? When picking powder for load combo? Mine its going to be 16" or maybe ill cut it into 14.5 with pinned brake.. Now, pf wont matter for my purpose since we dont do any competition here.but it will be range practicing speed shooting..
  23. Is it accuracy or FTF issues? I do have a lot of FP 124 135 147 from rmr
  24. This build is CMMG radial blow back 16" If that makes any difference
  25. What bullet combo with 330 and 350 for 16 9mm pcc. Ty for help brother stay safe everyone
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