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  1. Sarge-could you post a link for trimming the uplula or provide a description? I have some Gen 2s on the way and could t find the article searching online. Jim
  2. That’s definitely a sweet shooter RaginCajun! You did well with it last SC match. I’d like to give it a try next time! Jim
  3. I'm gearing up to give Carry Optics a run and wanted to ask which magazine extensions everyone likes or suggests for a S&W M&P 9mm Pro Series. I'm looking at the Taran Tactical and Springer Precision 140mm extensions but undecided as to which way to go. Thanks for the help! Jim
  4. We had our match this past Saturday and ended up using a 2"x2" drove in the ground. Painted it bright orange and it measured 24" tall from grade. Hope this helps someone. Special thanks to Zack for providing a lot of support to make our match a success! Jim
  5. Hello, What's everyone using for the starting points for PCC and rimfire? I've seen small traffic cones and plastic signs with a round aiming point. Thanks Jim
  6. Thanks to all for the suggestions. I can definitely see that which ever way we go, fitting will be very important. Thanks for the link to fitting Mark. We'll have to take a look at the different options and go from there. Jim
  7. Hello all, my 12 son is wanting to start participating in multi-gun and I would appreciate others opinions on shotguns for junior shooters. He's been shooting Steel Challenge and USPSA for a few years and enjoys it. We have youth model pump action 20 gauges to get started but what's some good semi-autos to look into? I'm open (pun intended) to open shotguns with comps too. Thanks Jim
  8. Hello, I want to share a positive experience I had with Double Alpha customer service. The hangar for my magnetic magazine pouch broke and I inquired to DAA about purchasing a replacement. When a package arrived from Europe, I found not one but two hangars inside, complimentary. A great example of customer service and a commitment to shooters. I will continue to buy and use equipment from a company that supports their customer base. Thanks DAA! Jim
  9. I started getting high primers on day and mine was the primer seater assembly loosened up underneath. Tightened it up and no more high primers. Jim
  10. Welcome from up I-10 in Prairieville. We have a USPSA match this Sunday in Gonzales that you're welcome to come out to. Lots of matches within about an hour from you. USPSA, Steel Plates, IDPA, 3 gun, 22 rifle, F class rifle... Jim
  11. Sorry no help for 231 but I use 4.6 grains of WST with a Bayou 140 at 1.135". Feeds and shoots great out of our Edges.
  12. Different bullets here with 4.6 gn WST in both our Edges (myself and son). Bayou bullet 180 TC @1.135 for major and 140 TC for minor. Jim
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