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  1. Thanks Hi-Power Jack I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. I hope to lean on you guys to help make me a better shooter. BobbyJ
  2. Hey Hi-power is it beneath you to recognize an apology?
  3. Thanks all for the kind comments and words of encouragement.
  4. BUT, that comment about "old guys" really pis..d me off". I apologize Hi-power Jack! That comment was not intended to do that. I just meant that I cannot hang with the younger guys with great eyes. I have a hard time hanging with anybody being right handed and left eye dominant.
  5. Hi everyone! My name is Bob Johnston and I am a banker by trade. I really enjoy shooting and some reloading but haven't had much of a chance to do either with my daughter's wedding coming soon. I hope to learn a lot from this form that will make me a better shooter and reloader. Really looking forward to spending some quality time here. Also, when I retire I would like to do some type of competitive shooting for old guys. Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself and please don't hold my current employment against me. Just kidding! Bob
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