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  1. I just replaced the front sight on my Spartan. Came out no problem. You have to remove it in the proper direction. Install isn't bad either. Just some minor fitting. Watched the you tube video. Piece of cake.
  2. Placed an order for primers from Powder Valley on Feb. 27 and just received shipping notice yesterday!
  3. I talked to Saul from DAA and he gave me advice about modifying the holster. He said that he has run into this problem before regarding 1911's since there are many different manufacturers. I had to take about .017 off for the gun to slide into the holster. After that, I had to modify the lock block to fit the trigger guard. Since it was a different profile compared to my gun, I didn't get a very good fit and the gun has some play when locked in the holster. I works and functions properly, just a some slop in it. I e-mailed Saul again and talked to him about this and he is sending me a 2nd lock block (at no charge!) for it to see if I can get a better fit. Saul really cares about his customers. You can't get any better customer service than that!
  4. I deceided to shoot Limited-10 this year so I wanted to get a new race type holster for my Spartan. Read lots of info here about race holster and deceided on the Racer. Since this holster does not have interchangeable inserts (gun specific) I ordered the one for 1911's. So I just received the holster from CED and tried it out but there is no way my gun is fitting into this holster let alone engaging into the lock. The trigger guard is too wide to fit into the slot of the holster. I have read lots of info about fitting the removable inserts on the Racemaster but can't find anything on the Racer. I sent an e-mail to DAA regarding this but figured I would ask here to see if anyone ran into this. Did I buy the correct holster or is there fitting required? If there is fitting required, how would I go about doing it since I can't see anyway to take apart? Thanks for the help.
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I know that I should use what I have until I figure out this game. The only thing that I am thinking about is the Sig might need some work on it. The mags don't drop free when changing on the run (have to strip by hand), long and heavy trigger pull ... I just don't want to put good money into something that doesn't really fit in production. But the again, I just started so who knows where I will be going. I am already set up to load .45 using a 550 (brass and bullets are a little pricy) so I would need to get set up with a different caliber. Add that cash into the calculation. I take the philosophy of it's the indian, not the bow. I am talking my self out of a new gun but would just like everyone elses opinon.
  6. Don't like to sell guns! I'll be keeping the Sig. Not sure if I will be staying in production. Just started this game, lots to learn but I'm hooked!
  7. I will first say that I did try a search but didn't come up with a good answer for me. I really just started out shooting USPSA. I am currently using a Sig P220 in production. I know that the p220 doesn't really fit in any division but that is what I have. Being a .45, I feel that I am at somewhat at a disadvantage compaired to others. I do load down my reloads to minor velocities. Not like I expect to be at the top of my class or anything but my competitive nature is coming out. I have saved a fair amount of Cabela's gift cards (get them for christmas and birthdays, saved them for some years) and I was just thinking that I could pick up a gun that would work a little better for me. Then again, maybe I should just keep buying supplies and shoot what I have and just learn the game? I know Cabela's doesn't have the best selection or price on guns but hay it's christmas/birthday money! Of what there selection is, anything you guys would recommend? M&P, Glock, Springfield..... Or shoot the Sig? Thanks Frank
  8. Can I join today and have the classifiers count this weekend?
  9. The match is at the DSC in Utica, MI. I have been there in the past shooting in the archery broadhead league. I would like to go on Saturday morning (Sunday is the match) to help set up and learn a few things before the match but I don't know if members of the club are only allowed to set up and take down. If anyone is going to this match, look for the new guy if you can. I don't know anyone in this sport and it is nice to meet new friends and ask questions if possible. Thanks for the encouragement. Frank
  10. I have never shot a USPSA match or even attended a match. I was a avid PPC shooter in the past but traveling for work forced it on the back burner. I have been wanting to try USPSA shooting for the past year but the job has been getting in the way. There is a local match this weekend that I would be able to attend but it is a classifier match. I have been doing LOTS of reading on this site (more than I should admit) and have read the rule book. I have been shooting firearms for most of my life and I understand that safety is #1 but would a classifier match be to much for a newbee? I really want to try out this sport. Looks like a blast! (no pun intended) What do you think? Thanks, Frank
  11. Hello all. I have been a member on this site since Nov. 2007 (that's when I bought my 550. Thanks Brian!). I have been reading posts pretty much every day but never posted anything. Three years has to be some kind of record! The main reason I have never posted is because I don't have anything to contribute since I have never done any USPSA type shooting. The club I used to belong to (I gave up my membership for other reasons) only offered bullseye and PPC which I did do for a couple of years. I have been wanting to join a new club which offers USPSA shooting (there are a couple my the area) but for some reason haven't jumped in. I have read countless hours of posts that I feel that I kind of know all of you. As many have said, there is a wealth of information here and I would like to thank all of you for the knowledge I have gained! I guess it is time to jump in. Even though the weather is turning cold around here, is the water still warm? Thanks again!
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