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  1. On 12/18/2017 at 6:25 PM, 9x45 said:

    As long as the cases clear the gun, or your dot, it doesn't matter. It's not like tuning a 1911. So assuming you hold your gun correctly, it won't matter, but if you have the right grip, and it still comes straight back at your face, put in an Apex extractor with a Gen 4 ejector.  My kid had to put this together on his Gen 3 G17 to keep it from beating up the Docter dot. Notice how it ejects a case up and out without a magazine? An OEM Glock will not do that.





    Is that PSGC??

  2. Breath, and allow your eye to ride the front sight. Keep that triangle of arms and shoulders together, and keep that gun up. Often just keeping the gun up at all times in dry firing will help with this.
    Stand up and look in the mirror. Get in your stance either with or without a pistol. Are you really raising up your head, or dropping the gun?
    Are you losing trust in calling your shots?

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  3. Here is what I would do to any and all future comp Glocks

    dawson or tti sights

    tti connector kit

    ismi 13 or 15 lb spring and stainless guiderod

    standard slide release

    grip plug or mag well depending on division

    grip tape


    this is only around $150 total

    I did this minus grip tape and disconnector. My 17 is very similar. They shoot well.

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  4. Until I started reloading, I thought it all smelled the same. Shotgun powders smell like fun to me. Hell, they all smell like fun.

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  5. Does anyone know where a guy can buy replacement followers and base plates for the magpul GL9 mags?

    Blue press page 59, set of 3 19.95. At bottom left of the same page Arredondo sells +5 extensions, $23.95

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  6. Well I drilled the ports to 1/8", lubed it up with synthetic 10/40W that was sitting on the bench, and ran two boxes of the 1187fps junk box ammo, weakest I had in hand that failed to cycle the action in the past.
    Ran like a champ!!! This thing is actually fun to shoot! Recoil is pretty tame even with 12 and 1300 fps ammo. Had a blast shooting hulls ! Got to where on my last box of ammo, I think all but two of the hulls were blasted up onto the bluffs. Practiced my reloads and I think the receiver is cut enough, time to run it!!
    Thanks for all the info in this thread. Now it's time to see how many rounds to failure of major parts!

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  7. Dry firing tonight very enjoyable. Hot and humid as hell tonight, but a solid 40 minutes of tight shots and movement. Need to find a match soon. Feeling good again with shooting, but have gained a bit of weight so a diet plan is in order. Strange that gripping without a diet, just basically no sodas, but eating catered food and craft service 5 days a week dropped my weight to 190.

    I am 222 lbs as of last week, and man I feel every pound of it in my loss of mobility. There is basically a fat suit on my body. So here I go starting the other aspect of my get fit plan, start exercising. I was very active for most of my life until about a year ago. Then I just sort of let myself go.

    I just got the green light from the doctor to start exercising and I am confident I can get something good put together.

    Like coming back to the real world when you've been away from any kind of sports, or activity like after injury recovery. Glad my chassis seems good to go lol.

    Enough rambling, off to bed.

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