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  1. I have noticed that I’ve built a tactile memory spot on my trigger fingers left and right that ensure Im pulling that trigger straight back on a Glock. It’s where I remember how the safety hits the same place on my pad tip. Glocks, more than any other pistol I shoot, seem less forgiving of inconsistent trigger stroke. I say stroke because Glock triggers remind me of revolvers more than anything else I have competed with. If I start getting a push left, that usually means I need my finger further on the trigger and the safety is where it belongs.

    At this point, after taping a stage I can remind myself and just thinking about it, I will adjust.

    I consider this the price of doing business with the Glock platform. I consistently shoot them faster than other pistols, and they do go bang with wonderful reliability. I find them easy to fix, get parts for, and they’re built for my hands.They were the first pistols besides revos that felt good in my hands. I think it’s the reason I put in the time to learn the platform. That push though, I find it more of a problem if I don’t practice.

  2. On 4/19/2020 at 12:05 PM, RangerTrace said:

    I wish I could afford three years worth of components.  I probably have enough brass........

    I usually take a large amount of any overtime I get paid for or tax return and buy two cases of primers and 16# of powder. I then buy Everglades brass 3500 every three months and the same for bullets overlapping a pay period. 
    Only way I can afford to shoot is buying components in bulk but staggered so that m not buying all the components simultaneously. Spreading the cost out is better for me 👍🏽

  3. 5 hours ago, Russty said:

    I second the SP 01 with thin LOKs. My small hands measure 7 1/4 inches from base of palm to tip of index finger and the SP 01 fits great. One thing I did do is reverse the mag (or clip) release so I can use my right index finger to drop the mag (clip). This easily allows me to keep the barrel downrange and not break 180 on reloads. 

    My hands are also 7 1/4” and I can shoot most guns easily. I measured all gun hands, three daughters and one wife.

    3) were 6” base of Palm to tip of trigger finger tip

    1) was 6 1/2.


  4. On 12/18/2017 at 6:25 PM, 9x45 said:

    As long as the cases clear the gun, or your dot, it doesn't matter. It's not like tuning a 1911. So assuming you hold your gun correctly, it won't matter, but if you have the right grip, and it still comes straight back at your face, put in an Apex extractor with a Gen 4 ejector.  My kid had to put this together on his Gen 3 G17 to keep it from beating up the Docter dot. Notice how it ejects a case up and out without a magazine? An OEM Glock will not do that.





    Is that PSGC??

  5. Breath, and allow your eye to ride the front sight. Keep that triangle of arms and shoulders together, and keep that gun up. Often just keeping the gun up at all times in dry firing will help with this.
    Stand up and look in the mirror. Get in your stance either with or without a pistol. Are you really raising up your head, or dropping the gun?
    Are you losing trust in calling your shots?

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  6. Here is what I would do to any and all future comp Glocks

    dawson or tti sights

    tti connector kit

    ismi 13 or 15 lb spring and stainless guiderod

    standard slide release

    grip plug or mag well depending on division

    grip tape


    this is only around $150 total

    I did this minus grip tape and disconnector. My 17 is very similar. They shoot well.

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