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  1. Just wondering if it is OK to mix paper target on a stage? Specifically, I want to designate one type as pistol targets and another as rifle so as to make it easier for the shooter to distinguish them. I noticed in the Nationals MG stage design illustrate drawing with mixed targets (typically classic for rifle and metric for handgun). However, I haven't found any specific rules change that would OK this. Help?
  2. So let me ask a question to clarify this thread--can a vertical foregrip be used in the USPSA tactical or limited multigun divisions? If yes, is there a restriction on using the foregrip as a monopod? I've been shooting multigun for a while but I've just recently started running a local multigun match. This question popped up during the last match and I didn't have a solid answer for it. Anyone willing to anwer and quote rule numbers would be appreciated.
  3. I had a similar experience at the NC section last year. Got to the chrono stage and found out that I was shooting 124 PF. I felt like I really screwed up trying to get a lite load. Lesson learned I now load to 135+. I feel your pain.
  4. I had the same thing going on with my Glock 22. Come to find out that there is a shorter front sight available for the Sevigny sigh set since they were aware of some production variation among the glocks. I called up the folks at Warren Tactical who made the sight and they sent me a replacement that was shorter and fixed the problem. Good luck!
  5. I have about 10 mags for my competition glocks. I would like to have that many for my non competition guns. If or when I see a ban headed this way, I will stock up on more for all my guns!
  6. My prayers go out to your kids and your family. May both kids have a speady and full recovery.
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