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  1. Thanks Bob,Youll be hearing from me soon
  2. I ran Remington factory 115 grain fmj's out of my TruBor when it was new (three years ago) - worked fine if the gun was very clean and well lubricated. When the gun got dirty it would choke once in a while. I could have lightened the recoil spring, I imagine, and stayed with it = but I found a source of major ammo and have been shooting major since. For practice I loaded the rounds to PF 150 and they worked fine, now I use 160 PF ammo for practice, and they also work perfectly. I was very happy with my Brazos TruBor, by the way. Don't forget to get some tuned mags - just NEED two 140's and one 170 - more are better but you just need the three of them to start. Good luck with it. Thank You very much for the info,greatly appreciated
  3. I am very interested in buying a trubore 9mm...am just wonderin if I can use winchester or federal factory ammo,Any input is greatly appreciated.Thanks
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