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  1. DQ'd first time

    I keep my finger way out to the right at any time I'm not ready to fire. When I started to shoot, I placed my finger on the frame. One stage I was certain I placed my finger on the right spot of the frame, the RO said it was actually hard for him to see if my finger were on the bang switch or not. So i learned to keep my finger way out, and have since then been thanked by several RO's for beeing so clear. As I see it, it's another way to eliminate the risk of getting a DQ
  2. Mag jammed to high

    Alright. I've heard that some tanfoglios may differ in the length of the grip, not by much of course, but enough to be forced to use a fine grit sandpaper on the top of the base pads to seat the mags correctly. While others works perfectly fine. CZ shadow magazines are just a bit shorter than the ones from tanfoglio, an easy fix could be to use CZ magazines. CZ shadow and sphinx for example works fine with my tanfoglio magazines. My tanfoglio locks up fine with CZ magazines while using the shorter mag release, but not the longer one. Pull out the magazine release and inspect how it locks up the magazine, you should not be able to slam it in any futher, otherwise your mag release may have a problem.
  3. Mag jammed to high

    You know anyone who may have the standard version of the base pads? Just to try and eliminate one factor. Same problem with all magazines ? Do you have the longer or shorter mag release button? Does a standard unmodified cz magazine work without a problem ?
  4. Mag jammed to high

    I've never had a problem with my Stock 2 small frame, got lots of room left actually. I'm running the standard baseplates with screwed on rubberpads. Works like a charm, even thou I'm getting tired of the screws when cleaning magazines between the stages. I'ts my basepads that keep me from inserting my magazine any further, dunno what would happen without them to be honest