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  1. 3d Stage Drawings Using Google Sketchup

    Is there a plate rack somewhere I could use that for some of our club stuff. Thanks
  2. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    Thanks Chet!!
  3. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    Please keep us posted on your Archos experience I got delayed when the wife decided I needed a new house!!
  4. Electronics In Idpa Cof

    I thought you did a good job with the videos!!! One question however since the PLC has to initially be programmed from a computer do these only work off pc format or is MAC supported? Thanks Just a thought could a system be designed for a plate rack so that the plates popped up at random intervals? kinda like that old game where you had to hit the frogs with a hammer when they popped up?
  5. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    I think I may just try a dv consumer camcorder and one of the bullet cameras the mini dvs are small enough and light enough that the weight shouldn't be a problem and the quality should be ok for my home use. I just wish there was a way to affordably out put hddvd but that is comming soon I guess I really like the look of the Canon hv10
  6. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    Thanks George I do appreciate it.
  7. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    George did you ever find anything for Chet? I've been looking and I'm not having much luck. My Archos is being used by my wife more and more and I need a small simple recorder for this as I can use my ipod for my music and firewire outout would be handy the more I think about it.
  8. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    George let me be sure I understand please. If I record a match onto the Archos I will have to drag the whole thing into I-movie and then I will be able to cut parts out, for example the dead time from when I activate the camera till the ro says "shooter ready" is that correct? Since I'm only going to record Match footage this still seems doable because even a big match seldom has more than an hour total on my samsung unit, and as long as I-movie will read mpeg4 as I understand it will. Am I on the right path to understanding?
  9. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    Well since I already have the Archos 504 I'm kinda stuck at this point what kind of issues can I expect if I drag and drop a video of stage into I-movie? Will I still be able to watch it and burn it to a dvd?
  10. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    Archos makes their own helmet camera that at $149.95 seems like it would work ok for home use. They say the files are recorded in mpeg 4 and I just need to make sure that will work with Imovie or if I will have to get quicktime pro?
  11. Archos Dvr And Helmet Camera?

    I'm thinking about buying a setup like this for the next season and was wondering if anyone knows of any compatibility issues that might crop up woth osx 10? I have been using a samsung sports camcorder with my old IBM system but it is incompatible with MAc so far with out some special conversion software. Thanks in advance!!
  12. The Davinci Code

    Well I'll take the minority route and say I happened to like both the book and the movie, guess i'm just weird as I also liked the Miami Vice Movie
  13. I use my Kimber 1911 .45 for everything. Duty IDPA/IPSC home defense and most of the time as my off duty gun. It's got alot of rounds thru her and when the times comes and I can afford it she will be retired in favor of an ED Brown model I have my eyes on.
  14. I've got numerous podcasts that I would like to take clips of and download to my mp3 player instead of the whole thing so I will not have to fast forward thru the parts I don't like. What type of software will do this? IBM compat. please
  15. Any Interest In A Burkett Class In Area 5?

    I'll try and get ahold of Kevin Elpers and see what he Matt, and I can come up with. How many days would you guys like to see? It looks like the majority want an advanced pistol format so that is what i will try to do. Can a single stack shooter be in an advanced pistol class?