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How comfortable is the M&P 40c

Lumpy McSoo

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I am in the transformation from Glocks to M&Ps. I love my Glocks but I just shoot the M&Ps better. I have not been able to rent or borrow the 9/40 Compacts and really would like to stick with the 40s. I have always preferred 45 ACP for carry and I am normally carrying one outside of the house. I can carry and will carry the full size 45 M&P once I get her broken in. I thought about the 45c, but there isn't that much of an advantage to me for the slightly smaller size compared to the two round loss in the mag. I know, that shouldn't matter but I can carry the full size just fine, just like my G21 or full size govt.

What I want is something for around the house for carry at all times. Too many B&Es and rushing guys while taking out the garbage or picking up some purposely placed trash down by the street. Light enough to wear in the morning before work or once I take off the bigger 45 after work. I have shot many 40s and never had a problem with too much recoil or uncontollability but I don't want to purchase a 40c then sell it for a loss if they are "troublesome".

I have the Glock 22, 23, 35 and sold the 27 because I hated it with my large mitts. Basically, the only 9s I own are for my wife or cheaper SSP shooting with the 9L/9Pro or G34. Planning on getting her the Julie G. Special but that isn't for me, sob. Any other pistol I own is pretty much a 45 ACP. I am a 45 slut. But I realize I need something smaller, either the 9c or 40c for what I want.

I feel pretty confident that the 40c would be the "ticket" but I just don't want to go down that path if all of the gurus here would steer me away from that and say go with the 9c. I have much 40c carry ammo and pretty much a very small amount of 9mm carry ammo.

Basically, is the 40c really the pistol I am dreaming of, I mean drooling over? If not, I'll just keep carrying the M&P full size 45 or the Glock 23, probably both. I just want a lightweight that I feel confident with. The 40c seems like the ticket.

Thanks, Later, Lumpy.

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I haven't gotten to shoot an M&P 40C that I can recall (I've shot the fullsize), but I lined one up on my G23 and G27. It's in between those two in size, so it shouldn't be a problem based upon what you're used to. My only concern would be how the gun feels in your hand since the G27 was too small for you. R,

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Thanks for the response. That is sort of what I was guessing. I have read that you are also liking the M&Ps and shoot them a little better (by better I mean more natural feel) than the Glocks but I am not saying that you shoot the Glocks poorly, if you know what I mean. I may get the 40c since it will fill the usable sub-compact size for me better than the G27.

The one issue that I will ask you here but perhaps start a new thread, is about the trigger reset in comparing the M&Ps and the Glocks. I have tens of thousands of rounds through Glocks, several thousand dry fires and almost a thousand live rounds through my M&P (only had for a few weeks now). My issue is that I sometimes don't let the trigger up far enough to reset, I feel a slight click where the Glock would reset but this is not the correct reset click. I have to let it go up just a little bit further. Also, this is a used M&P 45 fullsize that has the custom Burwell competition trigger that I got used at a great price.

I know the answer is just to shoot it more and practice with it more but I am getting frustrated with the short stroking of the tirgger for the second and third shots etc. Also, I am wondering should I not keep swapping back and forth between my Glocks and M&Ps due to the difference of the trigger resets. I guess for now, competing or range with the M&P until I get used to it should be fine. I will still carry my Glocks until I get used to the trigger reset of the M&P.

I guess going from the M&P to Glock, you don't have to worry about short stroking the trigger. Going from Glock to M&P one does have to worry about short stroking, well, at least I do. Hence, I don't mind competing and practicing with the M&P but until I get this issue worked out, I probably won't carry the M&P.

Thanks again for the information on the 40c. I think that is the size that I am looking for.

Later, Lumpy.

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